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Book Of The Week –  The Loyalist Team: How Trust, Candor, and Authenticity Create Great Organizations

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What This Book Is About

Being part of a team can be a great experience for every team member, but let’s be honest, more often, it’s not. Mistrust, avoidance, disconnection, lack of communication – all common team pitfalls – can kill any attempt at successful collaboration. So it’s not surprising that, according to reports, while 72 percent of organizations say team performance has a positive or extremely positive impact on overall productivity, more than one third of those same organizations reveal they do not have a strategy to improve team development, and do not invest any time or resources of any kind to develop teams at any level within their organizations. Until now.

With their new book, “The Loyalist Team: How Trust, Candor, and Authenticity Create Great Organizations”, the principles of The Trispective Group – with a combined century of experience working with such organizations as PepsiCo, Ford Motor Company, Newmont Mining, Accenture, and Level 3 Communications – reveal for the first time how every team can be exceptional. Linda Adams, Abby Curnow-Chavez, Audrey Epstein, Rebecca Teasdale (with Jody Berger) introduce tools that allow anyone to get to the heart of why teams break down, identify the weaknesses in their own team, and build a Loyalist Team. This kind of team has members who ensure each other’s success as they work to ensure their own, operate with absolute candor, and value loyalty and authenticity to deliver results, create a healthy work environment, and help companies succeed.

Topics explored in The Loyalist Team include:

  • The four distinct team types from Saboteur to Loyalist: tips to identity which team you are currently part of
  • When bad teams happen to good people: how to know if you are in team hell and learn how to get your team – and work life – on the right track
  • What the data says about great teams: learn the proven tactics and research on hundreds of teams to make your team great
  • How the world’s best teams operate: the inner workings of great teams and what they do that other teams don’t
  • Going from a good team to an exceptional team: why settling for “good enough” teamwork hurts your top performers and your business
  • What high-performing “Loyalist Teams” do that set them apart
  • How their own professional experience drove them to address this critical issue

Why You Should Read It

“The Loyalist Team” gives CEOs the opportunity to take a holistic view at your organization and the people you have entrusted to run it. It helps you identify the motives, mindsets and behaviors of your leadership, which helps you visualize gaps and/or where your team is not operating on the same page.

Best Takeaway

“Extraordinary teams follow a distinct pattern that is both identifiable and replicable.”

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Diagnose your team. Consider the series of questions, take the time to do the Loyalist Team Checklist.

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