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Book of the Week – Bigger Better Braver

Your daydreams of an ideal life are closer than you realize. Learn how to move forward and achieve that vision.

We all struggle with fears, anxieties and self-doubt. Sometimes, those worries can hold us back from trying to achieve our goals and dreams. In “Bigger Better Braver: Conquer your Fears, Embrace your Courage, and Transform your Life,” life coach Nancy Pickard explores how to push past those mental blocks. She lays out the steps to create a life that feels bigger and better than ever.

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What is your book about?

Bigger Better Braver is a proven, step-by-step guide for uncovering and putting into action the vision we each have in our hearts. We can use it to live the life we are meant to lead. Provided with clarity and enhanced with inspirational client and personal stories, it shows readers how to get unstuck from old ways of behaving and take bold steps toward something new and larger in their lives.

The book is a journey in itself. Pickard lays out time-tested tools to identify, face and overcome shadow beliefs from childhood that hold us back, get free of the limits of our comfort zone, come to terms with and cultivate fear as a driving force for change and discover the courage we already have to take bold steps into the future. She teaches us how to be more present, use our intuition and get out from under the daily restrictions of autopilot. She reveals strategies to stay the course, maintain low attachment to outcome, receive feedback, stay disciplined and responsible to ourselves and learn what it means to practice acceptance and surrender.

Topics include:

  • Finding the courage to do what you always wanted to do
  • Experience the fullest possible experience of living
  • Uncover your personal vision of living a bigger and braver life

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

This book is for EVERYONE, regardless of age. It’s for anyone living a life where they feel unfulfilled and know that there’s something else out there. It’s also for those who have let fear hold them back their whole life. If you’re looking for a cheerleader to help you have the courage to do what terrifies you, this book is for you.

Single most important takeaway:

“The one thing you think you can’t do is the one thing you must do.”

Skip to Page – Page 31, Chapter 3: Resistance and Excuses to Acceptance and Surrender

We resist what we fear, which keeps us playing small in life, and we make excuses to avoid taking risks. In Chapter 3, you’ll release resistance and learn how acceptance and surrender will help you live bigger, better and braver.

Meet the author

Nancy Pickard is a Certified Integrative Coach through The Ford Institute for Transformational Training and the Levin Life Coach Academy. She is certified as a Breakthrough Shadow Coach, Empowered Parent Coach, Courage Coach, Healing Your Heart Coach, Leadership Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Bigger Better Braver Coaching. She is the author of the international best-seller, “Bigger Better Braver: Conquer your Fears, Embrace your Courage, Transform your Life”.

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