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Book of the Week – Create Your Best Year

Learn the three keys to becoming your own life coach and making your best year a reality.

A new year is always brimming with excitement for what lies ahead. You set expectations are set, make plans and create resolutions. But even best-laid plans can fall apart, and a year can be squandered. Trying to avoid another disappointing year of wasted potential? Check out “Create Your Best Year One Day at a Time: A Peaceful, Poetic Inspiration Guide to What You Want the Most This Year” by Clara Angelina Diaz. Diaz is a master coach, author, speaker and business advisor with the ClaraFying Institute. In her book, she helps you set yourself up for success and take advantage of your full potential.

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What is your book about?

Every year, most of us set huge goals for ourselves, but only a small number of us actually achieve those goals. Busy women struggle to set aside time, focus their energy and stay dedicated to making their dreams come true. “Create Your Best Year” proposes a new way to go after your goals each year. It’s more aligned with your natural ability to peacefully and purposefully progress one day at a time. Diaz takes you through a step­-by­-step process to become your own life coach and motivate yourself on the journey to manifesting what you want the most.

Topics include:

  • Lifestyle and health
  • Personal development
  • Self-improvement
  • Business and careers

Why should people read it? Who is it for?

“Create Your Best Year” is written for high-achieving professional women who need a more gentle approach to achievement. It provides the guidance you need to align and stay focused on what you want the most (not what others want for you).

Single most important takeaway:

“Do not allow the ghost of uncertainty to overpower your courage. Just start where you are and watch miracles happen when you build on what you already have.”

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Meet the author

Clara Angelina Diaz supports female leaders and entrepreneurs to feel confident and peaceful while making a difference in the world. She is a certified master coach, trainer and author of the book and self-coaching program Create Your Best Year – One Day at a Time. She offers online business mentoring, life coaching, coaching certification, women’s leadership circles and retreats for heart-centered ambitious women and organizations.

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