004 Stacked Paperback books sm Katrina Youdale
004 Stacked Paperback books sm Katrina Youdale
Book Of The Week

Book of the Week – Unlock Your Inner Genius

Learn how to reach your full potential with Catherine Mattiske.

Everyone has an inner genius. The trouble most people face is accessing that and taking advantage of it. Unlocking their inner genius is how someone can reach their full potential in life’s passions. Catherine Mattiske, Managing Director at The Performance Company, is a master at finding that inner genius and bringing it to the forefront. Check out her book, “Unlock Your Inner Genius: Power Your Path to Extraordinary Success“, to learn how to unlock your full potential and reach new heights.

What is your book about?

The way you collect, process, learn and communicate information is exclusive to you. It’s your unique Inner Genius: the filter through which you connect with the world. International business educator Catherine Mattiske teaches you the keys to unlocking your inner genius.

Catherine has transformed 25 years of industry-leading intelligence into practical everyday tools. First, use the Inner Genius tools immediately to improve your communication with your family, colleagues, team and community. Then, use the Inner Genius roadmaps to navigate your path to ultimate success.

Topics include:

  • The power of inner genius
  • How do you prefer to learn?
  • Meet your inner genius
  • Your inner genius archetype
  • How to hook in all archetypes
  • Super-charging your inner genius
  • How to get started today

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Professionals can fast-track their next promotion. Parents can unlock their child’s learning. Coaches and leaders can supercharge their team. Everyone can build better relationships and improve the way they connect with their family.

Single most important takeaway:

“Understanding our unique communication intelligence is the key to our best life.”

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Ultimately, this learning strategy boils down to identifying your preference for taking in new information, which is your “Brain Fuel,” and then figuring out your preference for processing that new information. This is what we call your “Processing Power.” This creates your Inner Genius Archetype. Then, we add onto your Inner Genius Archetype your unique PowerUp. This is like a fuel shot that makes you, you!

Meet the author

Catherine Mattiske, referred to as “the maestro of changing behavior”, is a globally recognized training expert and the inventor of the globally acclaimed instructional design process ID9 Intelligent Design. This is an innovative, research-based system that has dynamically powered results for over five million participants in global brands. In her most recent venture, Mattiske has transformed 25 years of industry-leading intelligence into practical everyday tools. She invites you to unlock your inner genius.

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