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writing a book
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Book of the Week – 6 Things No One Tells You About Writing a Book [Ebook Included]

Susan Baracco gives you tips on how to find support, be creative and write despite your busy lifestyle.

Looking for the next great read? We’re showcasing the best business books by members of our sister company Innovation Women. Writing a book or novel can be equally fulfilling and exhausting. In “6 Things No One Tells You About Writing a Book: What You Need to Know About Your Book Journey Before You Hit the Road“, Susan Baracco examines the unique experience of the woman author, highlights the detours you may face and provides the tools to face them head-on. Baracco is a ghostwriter and editor, committed to helping women tell their stories.

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What is “6 Things No One Tells You About Writing a Book” about?

Setting out on a book writing journey is exciting until you hit your first pothole, blow out a tire or get hopelessly lost on the way. It happens to the best of us. And for women, our lives present a unique set of challenges that can prevent us from ever reaching our destination of telling our stories.

“6 Things No One Tells You About Writing a Book” prepares the woman author for the journey that is writing a book. It is a realistic look at the things you wish you knew before you started. Designed specifically for the woman author, it’s a short book that gets right to the point. Susan Baracco takes a fun, candid look at the detours on a book journey to help you avoid them and inspire you to share your story. Packed with actionable tips and resources, this compact guide helps you reach your destination of finally writing your book.

Topics include:

  1. Managing your busy life to fit in writing
  2. Dealing with doubt and emotions
  3. Tapping into your creativity
  4. Finding the right support for your journey
  5. A book is an investment of more than just money
  6. The benefits of writing your book

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

This guide is designed to help you, the aspiring woman author, as you set out on your book writing journey. The purpose of this guide and sharing these insights is to make you aware of what you will encounter and prepare you to move past the detours with ease. It’s time to bring your book to life.

Single most important takeaway

“Don’t let a lifetime of wisdom wait a lifetime to be shared.”

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Your ego, emotions and doubt will get a workout: managing your ego and emotions during the editing stage.

Meet the author

As a Story Architect for Women, Susan Baracco brings the skills of a writer, editor, project manager and executive coach. Fifteen years of business coaching, facilitating executive mastermind groups and working side-by-side with women leaders gives her a unique perspective among professionals in the book writing industry. Baracco has worked with hundreds of woman leaders, many already successful, some on their way to success and some just getting started. Her clients include entrepreneurs, business leaders and women with a passion for sharing their stories to help others. She is an ardent advocate for women and believes that putting their stories into words is a powerful tool for change.

Susan Baracco, author and contributor

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