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Book of the Week – It’s Not Personal Sonny. It’s Business

Sicilians are passionate about family, food, love and respect. Steph Palermo shares how their values can improve your life and business.

Looking for the next great read? We’re showcasing the best business books by members of our sister company Innovation Women. The path to growing a happy family, living a satisfying life and creating a profitable business is hidden in an ancient culture. These secrets originated and remain on the island of Sicily, where time has practically stood still for hundreds of years. Steph Palermo compiles these teachings in her book, “It’s Not Personal Sonny. It’s Business: How to Run Your Family, Life and Business Like a Sicilian“. Palermo is an intuitive coach, radio talk show host and published author, drawing from her life experiences, personality and sense of humor to share her message.

What is “It’s Not Personal Sonny. It’s Business” about?

Steph Palermo, raised in a Sicilian family, taps into her experiences both at home and in Sicily to bring you simple wisdom to transform your life and business. Sicilians are passionate about family, food, love and respect. “It’s Not Personal Sonny. It’s Business” tackles Sicilian traditions such as the family dinner table, forgiveness, loyalty and generosity. Palermo offers tips on incorporating these values and others into your life to strengthen familial bonds, inspire lives and ultimately positively affect the bottom line in your business. As a short story teller, Steph Palermo draws you into her world and demonstrates how adopting a Sicilian way of thinking and being will help you value all you have. Through this book, you will enjoy healthy relationships, inner peace, increased productivity and an increased appreciation of mealtime.

Topics include:

  1. The Family
  2. The dinner table
  3. Respect
  4. Loyalty
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Generosity
  7. Purpose-driven work
  8. Leisure
  9. Fear
  10. Love

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Everyone. Whether you are interested in positively influencing your family, offering and receiving value in relationships or increasing the productivity of your employees. This book is for anyone who wants to truly embrace life and enjoy every moment. By reading, you will learn what it takes to reach your desired outcomes. Steph Palermo melds old-school values with our current, modern-day world. If you are of Italian or Sicilian descent, you will identify with her stories as you stroll down memory lane. She will remind you of what you may have forgotten, or you will nod in agreement as a practicing Sicilian.

Single most important takeaway

“Where there is love, mountains seem like plains.” – Sicilian Proverb

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Everyone wants to feel valuable. They want to know they are heard. By demonstrating respect in the workplace, you will help people to feel appreciated. They will be happier, more productive and take fewer sick days. The benefits of a respectful workplace are infinite and will positively affect the bottom line.

Meet the author

Steph Palermo is an intuitive coach, influencer, radio talk show host, motivational speaker and published author. Her Sicilian heritage and Boston wit make for an always uplifting and honest message. She realizes that everyone has two lives, and the second one begins when you acknowledge you only have one. Palermo combines her ability to feel the feelings of others and her motivational speaking skills to help others go from feeling grumpy to groove every day. Her gift of being able to tap into other emotional states helps her to create an honest and open relationship with her clients so she can put them on the right path to improving their life. 

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