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Book of the Week – Go From Scapegoat to Superstar

Barbara-Ann Yates helps women communicate, get recognition and advance in the corporate environment.

Looking for the next great read? We’re showcasing the best business books by members of our sister company Innovation Women. Many women struggle to advance in their career and feel more like a scapegoat than a superstar. In her book, “Go From Scapegoat to Superstar: A Handbook of Career Transforming Tactics for Businesswomen,” Barbara-Ann Yates of Yates Associates teaches women how to get what they want, need and deserve in the workplace.

What is “Go From Scapegoat to Superstar” about?

Women tend to use their annual review as a look into the rear-view mirror to be rewarded for work performed. “Go From Scapegoat to Superstar” teaches women how to use that review as a career steppingstone for advancement and compensation, especially in a male dominated environment.

Topics include:

  1. KNOW IT: “If you don’t know your value, you can’t own it.”
  2. OWN IT: “If you don’t own it, you can’t communicate it.”
  3. COMMUNICATE IT: “If you can’t communicate it, you won’t receive recognition for it.”
  4. PROMOTE IT: Go from scapegoat (the give it to person) to Superstar (the go to person).

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

I started out in the corporate world when very few women were in management. I found both then and still today that women struggle with being “seen” and acknowledged for their skills in the workplace. They “give away” all their time, knowledge and energy hoping to gain recognition and advancement. Often the effort involved in juggling multiple roles results in becoming a scapegoat. Unbelievably, women are still not gaining advancement in their careers. They instinctively know they are in positions where they are under-employed and unsure how to move to the next level.

My focus is to help women effectively communicate and ultimately position themselves for recognition and advancement in the corporate environment. Womaneuvers are tactical and practical tools for the corporate chessboard. This handbook of tactics will help you to know and own your special knowledge and talents, articulate your value to the organization and prepare you to set goals and take action.

Single most important takeaway

“I believe success comes from continually adapting to situations and the willingness to learn new things. My Womantra is: ‘If you don’t know it, you can’t own it. If you don’t own it, you can’t communicate it, if you can’t communicate it, you can’t promote it.'”

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TACTIC 1: KNOW IT. Not knowing your value can cost you money and possibly a career. An excerpt – “In my story below, you will read how the trajectory of my life changed forever and for the better in a single moment. It was because I was crystal clear about my personal value, and because earlier in life, I realized the need to take inventory of my personal skills, experiences and interests.”

Photo of Barbara-Ann Yates

Meet the author

Barbara-Ann Yates is CEO of Yates Associates, creator of Womaneuvers and author of “Go From Scapegoat To Superstar: A Handbook Of Career-Transforming Tactics for Business Women” and the “Womaneuvers Journal.” Womaneuvers addresses common career-advancing challenges encountered by women and gives them the practical and tactical tools to advance their careers into leadership positions and influence. Yates specializes in helping women unleash their inner leader, reach their true potential in a male dominated or STEM world and achieve empowerment, confidence, career transformation and advancement.

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