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Your Voice Matters. Find Yours with Lauri Smith’s New Book.

Many of us were raised to suppress our true selves. We’ve been told not to stand out, not to be overly emotional and to always fit in. This suppression led us to hold back our true feelings, relying solely on imperfection words for communication. In her new book, Your Voice Matters: A Guide To Speaking Soulfully When It Counts, author Lauri Smith encourages us to change this mindset and recognize the importance of our voice.


About Your Voice Matters: A Guide To Speaking Soulfully When It Counts

Your Voice Matters calls us forth to go through the doorway of authenticity and Speak Soulfully, allowing ourselves to be seen, heard and felt for the sake of our mission. Soulful speakers hold the space for the crowd to transform, which is a vital ingredient in how we change the world, one room at a time.

  1. Illustrates what is in the way of our ability to stand in our power and speak soulfully when it counts.
  2. Gives us a step-by-step guide to taking our seat at the tables that matter most to each of us.
  3. Dares us to envision a world in which each of us expresses our individual song while creating a kind of harmony together.

Why should you read this book?

This book is for the sensitive visionaries, ambitious empaths and loving rebels wanting to make a difference in the world by sharing their magic in a bigger way on the world stage. Whether you share your message through formal speeches on live stages, short videos, podcasting, interactive talks on Zoom, or any other modern medium: this book was written for you.

Full of tools, inquiries and exercises, Your Voice Matters inspires you to speak your intuition and share the vibration of your Soul’s Purpose with the world. Now, like no other time in history, we as a society need to hear from everyone – especially those who, up until now, have remained silent. Every. Voice. Matters.


Speaking Soulfully is both a vulnerable and a courageous act. There’s a sense of ultimate engagement and utter powerlessness. It takes showing up fully and surrendering. In this case, the surrender is a surrender forward, heart open and all in.

There may be nothing more courageous than this.

image of lauri smith, author of your voice matters

About the Author

Lauri Smith is the soulful speaking coach, creator of The Vocal Presence Path® approach to soulful speaking, CVO of Voice Matters, and the author of Your Voice Matters: A Guide to Speaking Soulfully When It Counts. She helps sensitive visionaries, ambitious empaths and loving rebels to speak, be seen and fulfill their soul’s calling. Her mission is to call forth more open-hearted leaders so they can do their part to change the world. She envisions a world in which everyone shares the vibration of their soul’s purpose.

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