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Maximize Your Impact with YouMeWe Amplified Podcast

Is making a positive social change something you want to do with your business? Tune in to the YouMeWe Amplified Podcast with host Suzanne F. Stevens for her conversations with sheIMPACTpreneurs creating sustainable social initiatives and solutions. You will learn actionable strategies to create social initiatives with impact. Be empowered to make your contribution count!

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What is the podcast about?

YouMeWe Amplified Podcast offers conversations with sheIMPACTpreneurs transforming where we live and work with sustainable social solutions. Listeners receive actionable strategies and inspiration to create a social impact to empower you, your organization and your community.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

The podcast is for anyone who wants to maximize their impact and purpose through creating a social initiative. It is designed for women entrepreneurs who want to learn the what, why and how to incorporate a social initiative into their businesses to benefit them, their businesses, colleagues and customers. This is not just about doing good; it’s about doing well.

Featured episodeErin Houston, CEO and co-founder, Wearwell

Words of wisdom: “If we don’t try, nothing will change. Keep at it. You’re not alone.”

This episode is a masterclass on creating a sustainable social impact for you, your business and the community.

Erin cut her teeth at a media company that serves the international development community, where she eventually built and led a team of 40 to create the company’s Partnerships division. She developed and managed relationships with Fortune 500s, NGOs and social enterprises. Erin also has consulted for Kate Spade’s On Purpose, their social impact product division. She holds a master’s in social enterprise focused on sustainable apparel supply chains…so do you think you can learn something? I sure did!

Now as the co-founder of Wearwell, she sources ethical and sustainable products and makes them easily available online. To fully appreciate Wearwell’s social impact watch/listen/read the entire podcast—the strategies are overflowing!

Conversation highlights

  • How to attract and keep consumers by aligning with their values.
  • How to evaluate sustainable trends – this goes beyond the environment.
  • How to make an impact through the supply chain
  • How to assess brand partners and make it a light lift.
  • What is greenwashing, and how does a small business or consumer identify it?
  • How to bake a social initiative into your revenue model while engaging the consumer?
  • How do you create a lower carbon footprint while being an online business that ships products?


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Host, Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP, is the unstoppable force behind YouMeWe Social Impact Group Inc. Since 2000, Suzanne has been invigorating audiences on five continents, catalyzing a ripple effect in conscious leadership practices, influential communications and sustainable social solutions. She’s not just a speaker; she’s a globetrotter who’s lived and traveled to over 60 countries empowering entrepreneurs, providing scholarships to women in Africa and amplifying Conscious Leaders’ voices through the YouMeWe Amplified Podcast.

She is also the author of the book Make Your Contribution Count, for You, Me, We, an International Keynote Speaker, a conscious leadership coach, a sheIMPACTpreneur community builder and a multi-award winning IMPACTpreneur! Suzanne’s mission is to help others grow as conscious leaders, build their influence and create sustainable social solutions to empower you, me and we.

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