Swati Davidson FINAL
Swati Davidson FINAL

You Could Be The Biggest Obstacle In Your Business

The game-changing business that took me from being stuck in a cubicle and cursing my days away to a successful entrepreneur with freedom, wealth and a true purpose wasn’t exactly what you’d consider an overnight sensation. I was once that crazed newbie businesswoman who spent endless hours consuming content and training on every online marketing strategy and tactic under the sun. 

When nothing seemed to move the needle enough or create the long-term results I so seriously craved, I had to come to terms with the stark truth facing many female entrepreneurs today: The common denominator in my lackluster results and stalled growth was… me. 

As a serial entrepreneur and success coach who gets to work with some awe-inspiring and impressive women, I see it over and over again. We lean heavily on tools and strategies while overlooking the source of our stagnation, exhaustion, and frustrations: our mindsets.

Do you think you could be suffering from a mindset issue? Here is how to determine if you are, what to look for and how to course correct your way to success.

You’re on the free content consumption crazy train

This is for the ladies who sign up for every faddish gimmick and training that they can get their hands on. At one point, I felt like I had 100 unfinished courses, so I’m no stranger to this insanity.

The bottom line: You need an intervention and some content rehab. It’s time to go back to your basics in your business. The solution is clarity. Why are you doing this? What’s your vision, mission, purpose, your “big why” And, who are you serving in your business?

Once you get crystal clear, it’s time to clean house. What do you hate doing? What do you enjoy? Then it’s time to put your boss lady pants on and objectively decide what 2-3 practices you will consistently use in your business (think things like Instagram, email marketing, and podcast appearances) and then put everything else on the back burner.

I know. Scary, right? For the Type A, control-freak ladies such as myself, this type of change doesn’t come without an internal fight. You’ve got to believe in yourself and maximize your precious time with the biggest results drivers you have. This is where confidence and decisiveness come into play.

You’re convinced you’re just not ready…yet

How can I put this lightly? You’re swimming in resistance. Resistance is a special kind of inner-obstacle to success. The kind that expresses itself in habits like procrastination and endless research with no execution. If you find yourself stuck in these patterns, it’s time to stop the madness and get to work.

The most likely culprits? Fear and lack of confidence. If you find yourself unable to make fast and hard business decisions on a consistent basis or shying away from sharing your vulnerabilities with your tribe, this is most likely the case.

The bottom line: You’re ready now. And a little secret: with the endless potential inside of you, you’re never going to get rid of fear because there will always be a new level of scary things to overcome in your entrepreneurial journey. If you’re not putting yourself out there, risking rejection and scaring yourself on a regular basis, you’re in your own way.

You have some deep-rooted hang-ups about creating wealth

This is the mother of all mindset issues when it comes to entrepreneurial domination. Since 95 percent of our beliefs are dwelling in our subconscious and with money being such a triggering and complex topic, this is almost always an area in your life that could use some improvement.

Have you taken the time to explore your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings around money? This includes spending money, getting money, earning money and asking for money. What about how you grew up with money and how your parents viewed or talked about money?  Since most of our beliefs systems are solidified before the age of eight, this last part is equally important.

Simple shifts in your approach to and perspective around money can quickly eliminate that glass ceiling you’ve been bumping up against in your sales, income, and revenue. Start by exploring your belief system and questioning its origins. After that, there are numerous exercises to clear and positively reframe these ideas that are holding you back.

What now?

As most CEOs and entrepreneurial leaders will tell you, the mindset game is an ongoing process and your work is never really done. Acknowledging your own internal obstacles and growth areas is the first step. Committing to nurturing your mindset is the next crucial step. In the end, it is action that will make your big dreams and visions a reality. As Tony Robbins put it, skill is only 20 percent of what it takes to be successful. The rest is mindset.

Swati Davidson is a serial entrepreneur and success coach. As a coach, Swati supports women in breaking through to the next level in their lives, businesses, and revenues. Her highly effective methods involve helping them identify what’s holding them back, completely overhauling their mindsets around money and restructuring the way they approach their daily lives and business operations. Swati is an Economics Graduate from Northwestern University, studied Feminist Theory at the University of Sydney and has her MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from the University of Southern California. She currently operates multiple businesses in Denver, CO, where she lives happily with her two small children and husband.

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