Woman-Owned Liquor Brand Aims To Empower

Empower Cocktails is targeting the distilled beverage market at women. As a new disruptor, it puts celebrating and empowering women at the forefront.

The distilled beverage market is a booming industry, but it’s one that continually targets men while leaving women out as an afterthought. With Empower Cocktails, all of that is about to change. As a new disruptor that puts celebrating and empowering women at the forefront of its mission, Empower Cocktails dazzles and delights with its ready-to-pour line of delicious cocktail drinks.

Empower Cocktails CEO Tiffany Hall was a former lawyer for one of the world’s largest spirits conglomerates, Pernod Ricard. It’s there where she noticed the missing space for a brand within a “man-centric” market that celebrates and honors women, while also catering to their distinct tastes.

For Hall, “empowerment” is not just the company’s brand, it’s a statement of love, action and support for women on a global scale. As a black and woman-owned business, Empower Cocktails has partnered with several non-profits that champion women’s initiatives including the Voss Foundation, Dress for Success Boston, Kicked it in Heels and the Metro-Manhattan Community Foundation to name a few. Empower Cocktails has become an inter-sectional platform that uplifts women of all backgrounds.

The exciting new brand has launched its first cocktail-the refreshing but not too sweet, Empower Cosmopolitan Martini. The beverage contains Sweet Potato Vodka, locally-sourced from a family-owned farm in Northern California, as well as triple sec, cooling white cranberry and zesty lime. It is best-served refrigerated; all you need to enjoy it is a martini glass and your favorite garnish. The drink is 25 proof and contains only 80 calories per 3 ounces.

Empower Cocktails are available online and in over 30 stores nationwide.

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