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Welcome to the new Lioness Magazine! Our mission is to elevate, educate, and support female entrepreneurs.

lioness_pinkWelcome to the new Lioness Magazine! Our mission is to elevate, educate, and support female entrepreneurs. We do this by publishing 12 Digital editions per year including daily editorial content on relevant topics such as marketing, money, leadership, technology and more.

Why are we here?

Our startup began because female entrepreneurs didn’t have a home. Mainstream entrepreneur magazines are geared toward men  – from their style to their content, their publishers admit that more than 60% of their readership are males. Even though female entrepreneurship is rapidly on the rise and even though in 2013 female owned companies generated more than $1.3 trillion, there was still no mainstream magazine for these women, until now.

Our brand is about encouraging women to unleash the Lioness within.  We aim to give women the knowledge, latest news and resources they need to start and/or grow their enterprises. In addition to quality content, Lioness also provides an offline community for women. Our new talk series 5 is a platform for women to share their ideas and expertise around innovation and entrepreneurship. Our unleashed empowerment series brings thought leaders from around the country to lead workshops for female entrepreneurs.

When this idea came to me in the late spring of 2011, I had no cash reserve, no spectacular business plan – only passion, skills I gained working as a news reporter for seven years, a supportive family and a bunch of gifted friends who were writers, editors, graphic artists and website developers who were willing to work for bare bones because they believed in me, the mission of Lioness and what we were setting out to accomplish.

During the days I worked as a program manager at the nonprofit Springfield School Volunteers and invested more than $15,000 of my paycheck into Lioness. I didn’t pursue loans or funding (not including the gas money, meals, clean laundry and subsidizing my mother has given me) at the start because I wanted to see if we had a viable product. I wanted content that was intelligent, purposeful, candid and edgy. Being a female entrepreneur is hard work. Women-owned enterprises are underexposed and underfunded. I wanted content written by actual entrepreneurs and real news reporters.

So we did a soft launch of our prototype of Lioness in August 2011. We went on a brief hiatus and returned, launching our website in April 2014.  With the launch of the new, we’re able to provide daily content, bring advice from some of the best badass women around the world and in the process do something groundbreaking – establish Lioness as the leading digital magazine for female entrepreneurs.

So ladies, buckle up, enjoy the ride and if you like us, tell a friend. This was created for YOU!

Unleash the Lioness Within!



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  • Hello Lioness Team,

    Is there any chance to spotlight Victoria Araceli Vann? Victoria is a minority female entrepreneur, who is one of the most respected woman in the U.S. Beverage Industry.
    Victoria is the Editor-in-Chief of Beverage Industry News (BIN) Magazine, which has serviced the USA Liquor trade for over 80 years industry and most recently created and launched her Araceli Marigold Liqueur, the world’s very first liqueur of its kind into major distribution channels and stores. Victoria’s Araceli brand is amazing and she also going to be introducing a custom line of tequila. The tequila is made by an all woman run distillery in Mexico which in itself is very unique.

    Please feel free to email me or call.

    Thank you

    Michael Chu

    • Hi Ann,
      I am sorry for any inconvenience. If you are looking for the How To Brand Your Startup Guide, you should have received a link to the download in your email. Below please find a direct link to the page. If it still doesn’t work or if you prefer to bypass the page altogether, please feel free to send me an email to info [at] thelionessgroup [dot] com and I will gladly send it to you directly.
      Thank you.


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