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Variety, it’s the spice of life!

Lioness Editor talks about three remarkable female entrepreneurs and why women should spice up our lives.
Variety, it’s the spice of life! - Lioness Magazine
Lioness Editor-in-Chief Katelyn Gendron

I’m often amazed at the myriad ways people describe their lives. Some people call it “their spice of life,” “their little slice of heaven” or “their great adventure.” This month, our readers have the opportunity to view the world as spices, slices and adventures thanks to three remarkable entrepreneurs: Dipna Anand, Maria Ross and Ky Furneaux.

Anand, our cover woman, is a third generation chef and restaurateur who has taken it upon herself to spice up the way we perceive Indian cuisine. Her restaurant, The Brilliant, in West London has brought Anand into the forefront of the culinary industry and not just because of its celebrity clientele, which includes Prince Charles and Chef Gordon Ramsey. Celebrity aside, Anand has made a name for herself not only by authoring the best-selling cookbook, “Beyond Brilliant,” but also as the recipient of a national award from The British Nutrition Foundation, as well as the award for Special Inspiration at the British Curry Awards. She certainly has the perfect blend of sass and spice.

Ross and Furneaux also have unique viewpoints about their lives as entrepreneurs. Ross, the founder of Red Slice LLC, in the San Francisco Bay Area, has turned her 2008 blog into a thriving brand consulting and marketing firm. She strives to brand her own business, and others, “into imagery that represents juicy fruit, irresistible images and a red apple standing out in a sea of green ones.” Ross has definitely taken a large bite out of the industry apple!

Furneaux isn’t shy when it comes to her life as a “superwoman.” As a Hollywood stunt double for such blockbusters as “Thor,” “X-Men: The Last Stand,” and “Elektra,” this Aussie has built her brand on the fearlessness required to be a stuntwoman in five-inch heels. She tells Lioness that when all of her instincts are telling her not to perform a stunt, she plunges right in anyway! It’s the kind of optimism and courage we all should have in business and in life.

Moreover, I hope this month’s issue finds you inspired, while broadening your sensibilities to the brilliant ways we may all choose to look at our careers. I encourage you to spice things up, while making sure to take the time to enjoy your slice of this great adventure we call life. Safe travels!

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Katelyn Gendron

Katelyn Gendron is a native of New York, who is currently living and working as a newspaper editor in Western Massachusetts. She took the helm as Editor in Chief at Lioness in 2013, structuring a strong editorial calendar and securing well-known entrepreneur interviews. A SUNY grad, Katelyn is a world traveler who has documented her journeys for various publications spanning five of the seven continents (she plans to visit the remaining two during her lifetime), her motto: “Life’s a ball. Let’s play!”

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