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Book of the Week – UNLIMITED: The Seventeen Proven Laws for Success in a Workplace Not Designed for You

Eugina Jordan is an immigrant female leader who worked her way up from secretary to executive. Through 20 years of working from the bottom up in corporate America, Jordan became an expert on resilience. Undergoing extensive hardships, Jordan climbed up a ladder in a workplace that did not have many people like her. In her book, she shares 17 rules for unlimited success in a workplace environment that is not catered to diversity.

What is the book about?

Eugina Jordan, a female immigrant executive who climbed the corporate ladder from receptionist to the C-suite, recently published her leadership book: “UNLIMITED: The 17 Proven Laws to Success in a Workplace Not Designed For You.”

The book provides inspiration and tools for women, people of color and immigrants looking to become leaders in corporate America. It’s also for their allies, so we can all shape a more diverse, inclusive and unlimited future for all of us.

The book covers the following topics:

“UNLIMITED” is split into three main parts, with a journaling exercise and frameworks accompanying each chapter.

Part 1

“Take control of your destiny” teaches you self-awareness, authenticity, the courage to speak up and negotiate, resilience to push through failures and the importance of hard and smart work.

Part 2

“Don’t do it alone” shows you how to find the right mentors and sponsors, building a support circle and network.

Part 3

“Don’t be the last one” explains how you can find your purpose and make an impact. Learn how to give back and help people like you rise once you’ve built a platform.

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Eugina wrote this book because she believed that we all could change the face of leadership and bring more diverse faces and voices into the workplace.

Through this book, she hopes underrepresented individuals in college or in their careers can disrupt the status quo. Ultimately, the book is a tool to help people ‘unlimit’ themselves and believe they deserve that seat at the table. It will give them strategies on how to find mentors and sponsors to move up the ladder. Once they’ve built the platform, you can bring more people like you to the table.

She hopes to instill the same passion and excitement she had for helping underrepresented individuals realize their full potential. If you are an ally, this book will show you how you can help.

Single most important takeaway:

Eugina believes that though the system does exist, if we unlimit ourselves and find the right network, mentors and sponsors, we can achieve success as the underrepresented. Then, we’ll need to bring more people like us to the table.

Eugina Jordan, author of "UNLIMITED: The Seventeen Proven Laws for Success in a Workplace Not Designed for You."

Meet the author

Eugina Jordan is a female executive and a Russian immigrant who has built her career from a secretary to chief marketing officer in telecom, where women represent only 12 percent of the C-suite. She is an author, an inventor, a well-sought-after speaker and a strong voice for women in tech. She won the outstanding achievement “Diversity in Tech” GLOMO Award by GSMA at Mobile World Congress 2023.

For more information, please visit Eugina Jordan’s website.

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