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Tools and Resources for Your Physical and Mental Health

The everyday hustle does not go by without taking a toll on us. Stress, the weight of the world and our personal or professional challenges can deeply affect our well-being. We know that looking for relief is an often neglected task, so we gathered some resources to support your physical AND mental health. They’ll be on hand when you feel like you could use an extra boost of self-care.

Mental health

1) Self-Care Worthy

What: A coaching service owned by Curren Trusty, licensed therapist, university-trained and ICF-certified coach specializing in self-care for women.

This service helps women learn to prioritize their own emotional and physical well-being by consistently practicing self-care. Through this program, women develop skills in establishing boundaries, recognizing their needs, showing themselves compassion and freeing themselves from the guilt associated with prioritizing themselves.

Price: Individual coaching is $249 per 55-minute session with discounts for purchasing 10-week packages. Group coaching is $175 per 75-minute session with discounts for purchasing 10-week packages.

2) Listen, Lucy

What: A mental health organization founded by nationally recognized public speaker and author Jordan Corcoran that uses lived experiences with mental illness to end the stigma that discourages individuals from receiving treatment. A few of her specific keynote talking points include mental illness, mental health awareness, acceptance, self-love and self-worth.

Price: free to join.

3) Ignite Your Radiant Life

What: A step-by-step guide written by author Tatiana Couto to help you do your best and make positive changes to create your best life. Inside this eBook are tools to support you in your mental health journey, helping you release anxiety, overcome negative self-talk and master your mindset. Engage with journaling prompts, meditations, affirmations, grounding techniques and so much more to support you every step of the way.

Price: $22.

4) Impulse Therapy

What: An online course of therapy to help treat individuals suffering from OCD by Dr. R.Y. Langham. A clinical psychologist with a Ph.D. in family psychology, she has over 10 years of clinical experience and specializes in OCD psychology, marriage and family therapy. The course consists of guided meditations, audio lessons about OCD and thought exercises that would be delivered the same as in-person therapy.

Price: The course costs $62.99 for lifetime access with a money-back guarantee if you do not see any results.

5) Is Your Brain Serving or Sabotaging You?

What: Through this unique and proven program, you’ll build a strong foundation of mental fitness. Strengthen three critical mental muscles to shift the balance of power from your inner Saboteurs (your negative self and self-talk) to your inner Sage (your positive self).

Price: price varies depending on the program(s) selected.

Physical health

1) Yoga for Trauma Survivors

What: A closed, virtual six-week group series for self-identified women with a focus on healing symptoms related to anxiety, depression and PTSD as a result of unresolved trauma. Made by Elizabeth Sumpf, a psychotherapist and yoga teacher that offers trauma-informed groups centered around the healing practices of yoga and somatic therapy.

Each group session is centered around a theme and includes somatic exercises for nervous system regulation, psychoeducation, group connection and yoga practice to connect with your body. Made in conjunction with the Trauma-Conscious Yoga Institute (another female-owned business doing amazing work offering trauma-informed yoga to the community).

Price: $312.

2) RUNsource by Fast Bananas   

What: An online subscription for runners created by Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards. It includes access to all things physical, mental and emotional health directly from experts. The platform is purposefully designed to offer people affordable access to a wide range of resources directly from highly sought-after experts and medical professionals, all conveniently available in one place. These services are continuously updated and include yoga classes, strength classes, recipes, meditations, running plans, physical therapy exercises, informational videos from sports medicine doctors, sports psychologists, mindset coaches and more.

Price: The membership is $14.99 a month or $150 a year.

3) Roga Life

What: Developed by Dr. Alison Smith, Roga Life is a wearable that sits on your ears like headphones and is used about 20 minutes a day to naturally train your brain to be calmer and less impacted by stressors. It works by sending a very gentle electrical vibration that massages your brain’s flight-or-flight center and encourages it to relax. The brain runs on electrical signals, so inputting this positive signal is like petting a cat and then it starts purring.

Dr. Smith is a leading neuroscientist who’s spent years studying optimal brain function, and who suffered from severe stress and burnout after dealing with a chronic illness. She founded Roga to help others combat stress, anxiety and burnout by using the brain’s own electrical signals to calm itself down.

Price: $269.

High stress can impact all aspects of your physical and mental health. Keep it under control with more tech tool recommendations!

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