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The Difference Between Coaching And Consulting And How To Decide Which One You Need

Coaching versus consulting. Let’s be real. They sound almost the same, however, they are completely different. There’s no right or wrong way, but there’s a difference. It’s important for you to understand both sides so that you are able to identify what is going to work best for you.

Take it from me, I went from beauty school drop-out to flat-broke fitness coach until I finally discovered my true calling. I reached six figures in six months doing what I loved best. Even better, I found my life’s purpose.

Ever since I decided to step into my passion and act authentically, my life transformed right before my eyes. It’s about getting real about what you want and investing in the right people to make it happen, whether that be a coach or consultant. 

First, let’s talk about what coaching and consulting even mean.

Coaching holds a client accountable to reach their desired goals. A coach should be able to help an individual identify their limitations and guide them in the right direction towards success. A coach must have the confidence and ability to be completely open with their clients. They are taking their own energy and giving it to their clients in a way where it transforms their lives. It’s impossible sometimes for people to see their own setbacks from their own perception. That’s why even coaches need coaches. A coach essentially helps the client find their own answers.

Consulting provides expertise in a particular area. A consultant teaches the client tools, skills, and knowledge that the client seeks to learn. They provide the client with professional, expert advice. A consultant holds the answers, whereas in coaching it’s the opposite.

They are both extremely helpful, it just depends on what you need for your business at the time.  And if you need both, you can have both! For instance, I combine my own expertise, knowledge and experience to teach my clients. At the same time,  I also coach women using a combination of spirituality and strategy. 

Getting the right coach, consultant, or both can truly help take your business to the next level while saving you A LOT of time and money.

Here are a few strategies that I have learned along the way to help you decide on what you need next to transform your business and reach your highest potential:

Be 100% YOU

First, you must get clear on what YOU want and who YOU are. 

As I was struggling with my work as a “fitness coach” I quickly realized that I was trying to be somebody else, not my authentic self. Once I shifted my mindset and decided to step into my own power, my life began to change for the best. I decided to take charge and do what I love. It didn’t even feel like work because I was chasing what was important to me, not just fitting a role of what I felt was expected of me. 

I decided this is me, I’m creating something that someone has never done before, creating a new niche for myself! It’s easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking than to think yourself into a new way of acting. 

Taking the time to check in with yourself will only help you, not hurt you. For instance, do you need help stepping into your higher self or do you need tips, tricks and strategies?

Once you do some soul searching and get clear on what you’re looking for, you can determine whether coaching, consulting, or both is right for you and your business.

Set Tangible Goals

Goal-setting promotes focus, motivation and purpose. 

Before you look for your next coach or teacher, identify your goals and the type of company that you are intending to build. Also, ask yourself if these are your own goals or someone else’s. Identify the drivers for your hard work.

For instance, think about what motivates you to keep going. One of my biggest motivators is thinking,”How can I serve people more?”

These goals can include anything you desire such as putting away X amount into your savings or purchasing a house.

Your goals should be well-defined before you reach out for external assistance because only YOU can decide what you want out of life. Then, you can decide if you need a consultant’s expertise or a coach’s self-development assistance.

Decide What You Are Going to Do To Make It

Decision-making is powerful. Any decision that you make causes a chain of events to unfold. Thus, you have to take ownership and act accordingly.

I had to create my own lane and start from scratch. Therefore, I chose to invest in myself. I decided to get a coach who helped me build the business of my dreams and look at things strategically. 

Remember, every investment made for your business is a ROI or return-on-investment. Money is energy, it comes back if you decide it’s coming back. It’s up to you. 

Jamie Joslin King

Most importantly, make sure to invest in the right people. It’s not about how many people you are working with but about the value. I decide not to work with clients if I don’t feel aligned with them. I would rather choose not to drain my energy by working with a billion clients that I don’t feel connected to. This way,  I’m able to scale my business accordingly by choosing what feels right for me. It also helps me maintain my integrity and honesty while working with my clients.

So instead of wasting your time and money going from coach-to-consultant, coach-to-coach, or consultant-to-coach, do the work upfront so you can make sure it’s the right person for you.

Jamie Joslin King is an online marketing coach, a business mentor for female entrepreneurs, and has helped hundreds of women build 6-figure companies. She is the founder of The Chardonnay & Slay Your Business Networking Series & Podcast, and the host & founder of The Summit of Slay. You can follow her on Instagram @theslaycoach.

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