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The 7 Best Words in Sales 

Ever wondered what catches the consumer's eye? Use this guide and perfect your copy to draw them in.

When we log in to our email accounts to check our inboxes or go online to find out what’s happening in the world, we’re not so much reading as scanning. We scan for what catches the eye and captures our attention. What words might make us stop and click? What are the best words in sales?

Determined marketers have gone to work on this question. With their research, they came up with a list of words that boost open rate and click-through statistics. It verifies that certain phrases have the power to grab the most blasé of us. 

Keep these words in mind as you attempt to dream up catchy subject lines or titles for the content you post — marketing/sales emails, titles for videos, article headlines, blog posts, newsletter copy or calls to action.

The best power words for sales: 

1. Free 

Who can resist something that’s free? Even if it refers to a product you’ll never use, the word free has the power to stop you from scanning. It makes you read an email, article, or advertisement, if only for a few words. When an email subject line or a CTA contains this word, particularly when written in bold or brightly colored script, the open rate will increase significantly. 

2. Easy 

Centuries ago, the great philosophers and observers of human behavior recognized that humans will nearly always gravitate to what we perceive as easy and avoid what appears to be difficult. More recently, behavioral scientists reconfirmed those observations.  

As a Christmas gift when I was maybe five years old, Santa gave me an Easy-Bake Oven. It was an irresistible product sold to me by numerous commercials played during TV programs that were popular with my demographic. It was an easy sell.  

I was thrilled to pieces to find it under our tree on Christmas morning. I had the greatest time as I poured the cake flour that came with my oven into a bowl, added a small amount of liquid (milk? water?), stirred it up and poured the batter into the tiny cake pan. My little cake was baked with heat supplied by two 100-watt light bulbs.  

I remember whipping up little cakes on Saturday afternoons to serve to friends at our tea parties, or to Mom and Dad. Kenner brought out the Easy-Bake Oven in 1963 and in the first year sold 500,000 units. By 1997, more than 16 million ovens had been sold.  

3. Best 

Quality counts. When hunting for a product or service, you may as well check out the item that’s better than the rest. Best is a filter. It cuts through the clutter of what could be a waste of time.  

Magazines and newspapers often publish a “best of” list annually — schools, restaurants, dry cleaners, hardware stores, you name it. Invariably, “best of” issues sell considerably more than others. 

4. Limited 

The “Fear of Missing Out” is real, as documented by behavioral scientists and marketers. Creating both exclusivity and a sense of urgency often assists in making a sale. This item is special and its ownership confers a coveted status. Buy it now. 

5. You 

When creating written content meant to persuade, whether it’s a political speech, a marketing/ sales email, or a television commercial, using the second-person pronoun when communicating with readers shifts the tone to one that is conversational, relatable, friendly and quite effective. You understand, don’t you? 

6. Because 

The thing to remember is that the human brain appreciates an explanation. We like to know why something is the way it is, the backstory of a certain condition or set of circumstances.  

When selling, addressing the question of why the prospect needs the product, service or feature being sold is most effectively addressed with the associated benefits. Benefits are where the word because comes in. 

This product or service is the best available to fit your needs because it will help you to fulfill your need and achieve your objective. Tie your product, features and the actions you want people to take in with a rationale or explanation. This way, prospects will be more inclined to take action. 

7. Numbers  

From the Three Musketeers to the 12 Days of Christmas, people like to see a list that suggests or ranks something that they find valuable — 100 easy dessert recipes, 10 free golf courses in Michigan, the 7 best words in sales. Curiosity is aroused and the click is made. 

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About the author

Kim L. Clark

Kim L. Clark is the founder of Polished Professionals Boston, a business strategy and marketing consultancy. She is also an adviser to small business owners and develops workshops and classes that provide instruction in writing business plans. Kim has lectured at the Lesley University Seminars, the Boston Chamber of Commerce and the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce.

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