Speakers Can Use Seeding During Their Talks To Sell Without Being Salesy

Seeding during a talk is when the speaker mentions a product, program or service that will help audience members take the information to the next level.

Queen of Sales Conversion Lisa Sasevich is sharing a formula she built around one of her most powerful tools—seeding—which gives speakers the opportunity to build hunger and desire in their audience without being salesy.

Seeding during a talk or presentation is when the speaker mentions a product, program or service that will help audience members take the information in the talk or presentation to the next level.

“We seed so that we don’t have to switch into ‘sales mode,'” Sasevich said. “Seeding relaxes your audience, because they see that you’re being straightforward. You’re there to serve, and you’re going to show them how to get more of what they need from you.”

In “Simple Seeding Secrets,” Sasevich shares three different seeds speakers can begin using right away.

The first one is telling your personal story. Sasevich says that “when you follow our Speak-to-Sell Formula, while positioning yourself for vulnerability and credibility, you share your hero’s journey. You tell your audience what happened in your life that led you to create your XYZ program or system, or to become an expert and coach or mentor to others in a certain area.

“The minute you mention your program or process, your coaching or mentorship, you’ve seeded it. The audience knows that it exists. And just that simple mention plants a seed of desire in your ideal clients that you will continue to water throughout the rest of your talk,” she said.

Recently honored as one of America’s Top Women Mentoring Leaders by WoW magazine, Lisa Sasevich, “The Queen of Sales Conversion,” teaches experts who are making a difference how to get their message out and enjoy massive results, without being salesy.

“Like the best sauces,” Sasevich said, “seeding is evenly spread throughout my speak-to-sell formula. When it comes to speaking and/or selling, it’s one of the things that sets that formula part from anything else out there.”

Recognized sales expert by Success Magazine, and as one of America’s fastest growing independently owned companies for two consecutive years by Inc. Magazine, Sasevich delivers high-impact sales-closing strategies for turbo-charging entrepreneurs and small business owners to great profits.

Read all three seeds in Simple Seeding Secrets, here.

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