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Six Holiday Gift Ideas from Female-Owned Businesses

Give a gift from the heart and support a woman-owned business, too.

The holiday season is officially here! And what better time than now to support small, female-owned businesses? Here at Lioness, we decided to do our part in helping women entrepreneurs succeed this holiday season. We asked business owners if they had any products that might make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Want to buy a gift and support female-owned businesses? Here’s what they suggested.

For the friend who always has something baking in the oven:

Bake Me Healthy Subscription Box

Photo courtesy of Kimberle Lau, Bake Me Healthy

Company: Bake Me Healthy

Founder: Kimberle Lau

Price range: Monthly subscription of $39.95 per box; three-month subscription of $37.95 per box; six-month subscription of $34.95 per box

Link to buy:

In her own words:

“Bake Me Healthy is a new purpose-driven baking subscription box that advocates for healthy baking with natural ingredients from small businesses. We are a woman and minority-owned company.”

– Kimberle Lau

For the bookworm always reading in the corner:

“Read It and Eat” Subscription Boxes from Bookmarks and Breadsticks

Photo courtesy of Kim Behzadi, Bookmarks & Breadsticks

Company: Bookmarks and Breadsticks

Founder: Kim Behzadi

Price range: $60 for one box; Cratejoy has a sliding scale of discounts for 4+ pre-order, 6+ pre-order

Shipping Deadlines: Ordering by December 1st guarantees delivery in time for Christmas

Links to buy:;

In her own words:

“Calling all self-proclaimed bookworms and gourmet-loving foodies: Read It and Eat is the subscription box of your dreams. Read It and Eat boxes are sent quarterly, and always include a gently used book, a delicious treat that supports a small business, and a $5 donation to fight hunger in partnership with a local non-profit. Our ultimate goal is to Do Good by Fighting Hunger.”

– Kim Behzadi

For the sweet tooth in your family:

Gourmet Truffle Box from Paige Patisserie

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Lannan, Paige Patisserie

Company: Paige Patisserie

Founder: Lindsey Lannan

Price range: One box of 10 truffles costs $53

Link to buy:

Ships across the United States

In her own words:

“We are a unique dessert company that designs gourmet truffles. We create our products from organic chocolate, imported from Ghana, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Our chocolate is stone-ground using Molinos. The minimal processing preserves its rich, bold flavors, and gives it a more gritty, natural texture. Also, we buy direct trade, which ensures that the small farms that produce our chocolate receive the payment they deserve.”

– Lindsey Lannan, Owner

For the friend who always likes to look her best:

Holiday Gift Set from Beautyologie

Photo courtesy of Robin Doyle, Beautyologie

Company: Beautyologie

Founder: Robin Doyle

Price range: “Winter Wanderluster” Gift Set costs $65; “Fairest of Them All” Gift Set costs $98

In her own words:

“Beautyologie is a beauty marketplace dedicated to offering fair trade, ethically sourced and sustainable products in a time when people and the planet need it most. All of our brands work directly with BIPOC creators around the globe. We are offering two exclusive gift sets for the holidays. All of the brands included in each set are from women-owned brands around the world.”

– Robin Doyle

For the busy executive who needs her rest:

Affordable Silk Pillowcase from Celestial Silk

Photo courtesy of Danielle Jackson, Celestial Silk

Company: Celestial Silk

Founder and CEO: Danielle Jackson

Price range: $38.99-$79

Link to buy:

In her own words:

“Celestial Silk pillowcases have “been favorably compared to more expensive brands, but our pillowcases contain 15-30 percent more silk and are half the price. Because of their smooth texture and natural sleekness, silk pillowcases are a natural way to get your beauty sleep. Tresses stay tame and skin stays moisturized. Plus, silk looks and feels sublime!”

– Danielle Jackson

For the couple who always hosts game night:

A Game for Couples

Photo courtesy of Zainab Osazin, A Game For Couples

Company: A Game For Couples

Owner and Creator: Zainab Osazin

Price range: $25

Link to buy:

In her own words:

“A Game for Couples is an inclusive relationship card game that helps committed couples start asking the challenging but essential questions that determine relationship success. There are five topic categories: finances, health, family, intimacy and relationships, ethics & values and health.” 

– Zainab Osazin

Know of any good gifts from female-owned businesses? Let us know in the comments!

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