Lisa Rickert
Lisa Rickert

Lisa Rickert To Headline Aug. 25 Lioness Teleconference

On Aug. 25, self-made millionaire Lisa Rickert will share how she successfully launched and scaled two startups and provide tips to women entrepreneurs.
Self-Made Millionaire Lisa Rickert To Headline Live Lioness Magazine Teleconference - Lioness Magazine
Lisa Rickert

Lisa Rickert is the Founder of Ave Home, a furniture company based in New Orleans where she grew up in humble beginnings and was a self-made millionaire and mother of two by the age of 30.

On Thursday, Aug. 25 at 12 p.m. (EST), Rickert will participate in a live teleconference with members of Lioness. In the thirty-minute chat with Lioness Publisher Natasha Clark, Rickert will tell participants how she launched her successful business and successfully scaled two startups, the early-stage funding sources she used and offer tips to assist women entrepreneurs in their journey.

In addition to being the founder of Ave Home, Rickert is the CEO and founder of UNFOLDED, a family owned Paint Distribution Company that manages the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan for the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

She began her entrepreneurial career in 2009 at age 26 when she discovered Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint as she was rebuilding her home after Hurricane Katrina. Chalk Paint was only available in the United Kingdom and Rickert foresaw its potential to thrive in the United States.

She established UNFOLDED in 2010, started with three customers and went on to build a distribution network of more than 700 shops across four countries and a gross yearly revenue of over $30 million.

In 2014, Rickert again identified a void in the market when seeking out contemporary furniture that incorporated antique elements and detailing – determined to create a resource for designers and customers who shared her passion for classic design, she founded Ave Home.

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  • She has been fired as the distributor of Annie Sloan Paint and there is litigation against her google Annie Sloan Interiors vs Jolie design & Jolie Decor … she made money on her stockists and because her many have lost their livelihood

  • She’s a fraud. Stole from her retailers, is in litigation right and in the process of being fired as a paint distributor. Greedy, autocratic, shallow woman.

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