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RoadPitch and Blacks in Technology Foundation Announce Upcoming Events

In a significant move towards fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, RoadPitch and the Blacks In Technology (BIT) Foundation have formed a strategic partnership to empower Black tech founders. RoadPitch, known as the largest multi-city pitch tour for Black tech founders, and BIT Foundation, a pioneering nonprofit organization committed to increasing representation in the technology sector, are excited to announce their collaboration to advance opportunities and support for Black entrepreneurs in the tech space.

This partnership arrives at a crucial time. The need for inclusivity and support for underrepresented groups in technology is more evident than ever. The Blacks In Technology Foundation has been leading initiatives to elevate Black professionals in the tech industry, providing them with support, networking opportunities and resources to excel in their careers. Simultaneously, RoadPitch has played a vital role in connecting talented Black tech entrepreneurs with active investors, offering a platform to showcase their innovations and gain regional exposure for their startups.

Supporting Black tech founders

“Supporting early-stage Black startup founders is core to our mission to increase the representation of people of African descent in tech,” says Dennis Schultz, Executive Director for the Blacks In Technology Foundation. “Partners like RoadPitch provide visibility and access to startup founders that would otherwise be overlooked.”

This partnership establishes RoadPitch as the official international pitch competition organizer for the Blacks In Technology Foundation. By providing access to a network of investors, founders and resources, RoadPitch has fueled the growth of numerous tech ventures. They have facilitated the flow of capital to promising Black entrepreneurs.

“We are delighted to welcome Blacks In Technology Foundation as our strategic partner,” said Meagan Turner, Co-Founder of RoadPitch. Meagan Turner and BIT Foundation founder, Greg Greenlee, are both Cincinnati natives.

“This partnership will enable us to amplify our tours in a more impactful way,” said Rohan Brown, Co-founder of RoadPitch. “We want to highlight and work with emerging Black tech ecosystems across the globe.” 

Upcoming events

The BIT Foundation and RoadPitch announce two events that will empower and showcase Black tech founders:

  1. BITCON Conference (Sept. 5-7, Nashville): The BITCON Conference is a premier event for Black tech professionals and enthusiasts. It features inspiring keynote speakers, interactive workshops, career development sessions and a pitch competition hosted by RoadPitch.
  2. RoadPitch Midwest Pitch Tour (Oct. 9-14, Midwest): RoadPitch’s highly anticipated third-pitch tour will be taking place across multiple cities in the Midwest. This exciting event will provide Black tech entrepreneurs with an opportunity to present their innovative ideas to a panel of investors and mentors.

The partnership underscores their shared vision of driving positive change in the tech industry. By pooling their resources, both organizations show their commitment to fostering an inclusive tech community that values innovation.

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