REVIEW: VinoVersal Is The Perfect Gift To Treat Yourself

We host a wine tasting for Lioness Ambassadors featuring VinoVersal. Click the link to learn why this unique wine club is the perfect gift.

Lioness hosts a wine tasting with our ambassadors

VinoVersal is not your ordinary wine club. It’s an experience. Club members travel the globe tasting wines from around the world and learn about the vintners and history of the regions, culture, cuisine and climate, without leaving home.

Each quarter, six bottles of wine from specific regions around the world are carefully hand selected for your tasting pleasure. Each parcel contains tasting notes, vineyard or co-op information and regional history.

In addition to the wine, the highlight of each tasting parcel is a full color, 52 page full-color magazine that touches upon each region you are tasting. Local culture, history, traditions, regional highlights and local artisans. They discuss vineyards, grapes, how the wines are produced and the striking personalities between the grapes and regions. Shying away from using only technical “wine” terms, their magazine is written for all who not only love wine, but also those who have a desire to learn more about wine.

How They Select the Wines

Upon visiting a large number of vineyards and wineries in the respective region, they select 20-40 wines we feel are good and have the chance to come along. The wines they choose are made with the region’s local grapes, giving you the ability to “taste” the region.

The wines are then taken to Denmark and when they have “calmed down” they measure them against each other. Price and quality are assessed and only the very best are selected. What their members receive are six delicious bottles that best represent each region. Taste the world, with VinoVersal.

What Lioness Ambassadors Had To Say

More about VinoVersal

Lisa Kendall, CEO of VinoVersal, is known for her vision and business savvy. Following her well-honed business instincts, she partnered with Kenth Poulsen, founder of VinoVenue in Denmark. His interest in Washington State’s growing wine region brought them together in business and as every wine lover knows, tasting wine builds friendships and soon thereafter he invited Kendall to visit his country.

She found Denmark’s VinoVenue to be an impressive wine club. Not only did she want to become a member, she wanted to bring this experience back to the U.S. After much discussion, and of course more wine, VinoVersal was born, offering the same fantastic tasting adventures as VinoVenue.

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