PRODUCT REVIEW: Modicum Skincare

When I came across Modicum Skincare, the fact that it was natural made me feel a little more comfortable trying it.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Modicum Skincare - Lioness MagazineRecently, I had the opportunity to use Modicum Skincare System and to interview the Modicum founder and creator, Monica Goretti Behan. While I love trying new beauty products, I tend to be hesitant about new skin care products because my skin can be sensitive. It’s scary to think about my face breaking out or doing something strange because I tried a new product.

When I came across Modicum, the fact that it was natural made me feel a little more comfortable trying it. I loved the packaging – clean, minimal and it looked upscale. They made me want to light a candle and give myself a spa experience. So I did. The essential cleanser was gentle and I noticed that my face looked brighter immediately.

The essential serum had a very strong herbal smell that I liked and had the consistency of an oil. I put it on and after a few minutes my face felt a little warm. I felt like I had a warm glow. The next day I tried the essential exfoliant. It comes in a powder form that you mix with the cleanser to make a paste before using it on your face. Again, I had my candle going and a whole spa feel in my bathroom and I found that I enjoyed mixing the paste. The exfoliant was gentle and my skin looked brighter and felt good after using it. When I applied the serum I felt the same warm feeling I had the day before. My skin can be on the dry side and I did find myself applying a few more drops of the serum on both days when my skin felt a little dry. I continued to use and enjoy the products and saw the dark circles around my eyes even out some.

I was excited to chat with Monica to learn more about the products and to find out more about that warm glow I was feeling. Here at Lioness, we encourage female entrepreneurs to live with passion, purpose, and confidence so it was great to talk to Monica and to hear how genuinely passionate she is about the work she’s doing.

To learn Monica’s story and about being a beauty entrepreneur, check out my interview with Monica in the February edition of Lioness.

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  • I have paid crazy amounts of money on exfoliants & the like…Modicum is the very best on the market, ( & I have literally tried everything from store-bought, to spa brand to rx), in fact when I went to my derm apt. for my microderm tx, the vacuum suction waste water was clear because I had used my Modicum before plus I’m saving a bundle on peels I no longer need! SERIOUSLY!

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