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Open Call for Applications from Entrepreneurs and Investors to Attend the 2024 Women’s Capital Summit

Women Business Collaborative (WBC) announces an open call for applications for women entrepreneurs and capital investors to attend the Women’s Capital Summit, set for September 4-5, 2024, in New York, NY.

The Women’s Capital Summit is a dedicated platform for women entrepreneurs to access essential funding and for investors to discover high-potential women-owned businesses. Women-owned businesses comprise 40 percent of all U.S. businesses and employ approximately 5.8 million people. The Summit underscores the critical need for financial backing to elevate these enterprises further.

“Women entrepreneurs bring invaluable innovation and leadership to the economy. Yet women often face hurdles in securing the capital needed for growth,” said Gwen K. Young, CEO of WBC. “We’re inviting women business owners and forward-thinking investors to join us at the Women’s Capital Summit and foster partnerships that will drive significant economic and social impact.”

The Capital Summit

  • Investor Matchmaking: Sessions to connect women entrepreneurs with investors.
  • Keynote Addresses: Hear from influential leaders and women entrepreneurs who have navigated the challenges of securing investment.
  • Expert Panels: Discussions on current trends in entrepreneurship and investment, the future of women-led businesses and strategies for overcoming funding obstacles.
  • Networking Sessions: Opportunities for informal networking, enabling attendees to forge valuable connections with peers, mentors, and industry leaders.

Capital for women entrepreneurs

  • Eligibility: Open to women entrepreneurs from all industries seeking investment to grow their businesses.
  • How to Apply: Submit an application by June 30 at: https://wbcollaborative.org/wbc-events/womens-capital-summit/
  • Benefits: Selected entrepreneurs will receive exclusive access to meet with investors and feature their companies at the event.

Capital Investors

  • Eligibility: Open to individual investors, venture capital firms, and funding organizations interested in supporting women entrepreneurs.
  • How to Apply: Register at www.womenbusinesscollaborative.org/capitalwomenssummit
  • Benefits: Investors can pre-schedule meetings with promising women entrepreneurs, access all summit sessions, and network with peers.

For more information, please email events@wbcollaborative.org or visit www.womenbusinesscollaborative.org/capitalwomenssummit.

About Women Business Collaborative (WBC)

Women Business Collaborative (WBC) is an unprecedented alliance of over 80 women’s business organizations and hundreds of business leaders building a movement to achieve equal position, pay and power for all women in business. Through collaboration, advocacy, action and accountability, we galvanize thousands of diverse professional women and men, business organizations and public and private companies to accelerate change. For more information on the Women Business Collaborative, visit wbcolla borative.org.

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