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June Jackpot: Top Grants You Can’t Miss 

Get ready for a roundup of game-changing grants this summer. We picked these opportunities especially for entrepreneurs looking to grow and excel in their business ventures. Keep reading to get all the details you need and find the right fit! 

The Creative Business Boost Initiative: $5K Grants 

The Creative Business Boost Initiative is a joint effort by Hello Alice and the Global Entrepreneurship Network in partnership with Etsy’s Uplift Fund. This program generously aims to support 100 creative entrepreneurs. Each receives a $5,000 grant, along with enrollment in an exclusive Boost Camp coaching program. The goal is to equip entrepreneurs with the capital and knowledge they need to thrive in today’s economy. Don’t miss this opportunity to join a community of innovators and take your business to the next level. Applications are open until June 21, 2024, at 6 p.m. ET.  

Sputnik ATX 13 – Summer 2024 

Sputnik ATX is a venture capital firm based in Austin, Texas, that backs companies in their early stages with investments ranging from $100,000 to $500,000. Their mission is to focus on companies that are just getting started and led by passionate, knowledgeable individuals. Your company must have an MVP and at least one customer. In turn, Sputnik will provide guidance on sales strategies. Their goal is to propel their partners and enable them to sell their products. Funding applications are open until June 25, 2024. 

2024 WomensNet’s Grants 

Each month, there are three distinct $10,000 grants available through WomensNet: the Amber Grant, the Startup Grant and the Business Category Grant with June focusing on Business Support Service and July on Animal Services. Additionally, three recipients are awarded the $25,000 annual Amber Grant each year. Applying for the various opportunities is a straightforward process. Complete a single application to be considered for all grants listed! 

HerRise MicroGrant 

The HerRise Micro-Grant program extends financial support to women of color driving innovative projects that make a tangible impact on their communities. The goal is to bridge the gap in funding commonly faced by small businesses run by women of color. Joining this community provides you with crucial resources like capital access, networking opportunities, scaling strategies and skills to balance business and personal life, empowering entrepreneurs for sustained success.

Eligible applicants include businesses majority-owned by women of color and registered in the U.S. With an easy application process, all you need to do is submit a business pitch and plan. Secure your chance at a $1,000 boost for your business by applying before 11:59 pm on the last day of each month. Act fast—this month’s application deadline is June 30th! Winners are announced the following month.

2024 Innovation Fund 

The Innovation Fund offers a five-month virtual fellowship aimed at promoting Climate Justice and Work-Centered Gen AI Solutions for 2024. Throughout the fellowship, participants will benefit from coaching, training and investment to refine their ideas and amplify their leadership impact. This program is designed for individuals, teams or organizations focusing on work-centered solutions, including both new and experienced entrepreneurs. Innovators from underrepresented communities in traditional venture capital and startup funding are encouraged to apply. Candidates best suited are those with personal experience in their pain points and those who explore diverse revenue streams to ensure long-term sustainability. Applications are open until July 15, 2024.

StartHER Grant 

This program is designed to propel economic growth in Texas. The goal is to empower and support small businesses owned by women who are implementing innovative projects. Eligible businesses can receive a grant with a value of $5,000 to fund activities such as purchasing machinery, acquiring new inventory, improving property, launching marketing campaigns and more. To qualify, applicants must provide proof of at least 51 percent ownership by women, which must be documented beyond the business name. Applications will be accepted from September 3, 2024, to October 4, 2024, providing an invaluable opportunity for women entrepreneurs to drive their businesses forward and contribute to their community’s economic development.  

If you don’t think you’ve found your match yet in these June business grants, check out last month’s money roundup. 

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