Microsoft And Google End Five-Year Battle

The legal battles are over for Microsoft and Google. After a series of lawsuits over four years, they have found middle ground on patent issues.

Microsoft And Google End Five-Year Battle - Lioness MagazineMicrosoft and Google have ended their legal battles in a truce. The two corporations have been going head to head in a series of lawsuits spanning back to 2011. While all details of the agreement have not been released, in a joint statement the companies did acknowledge an agreement on patent issues.

According to BBC News:

Eighteen lawsuits had been active between the companies, relating to uses of technologies in mobile phones, wifi and other areas.

Details of the deal were not shared, but in a joint statement the firms said they would “collaborate on certain patent matters”.

It is the latest move by technology firms to keep patent rows out of the courts.

The battles, particularly over software, intensified in recent years as firms sought to capitalise on their patent portfolios.

But of late there has been a shift towards licensing rather than litigation.”

For more details, read the complete story here.

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