Beantown Bedding Founders Kirsten l Joan r
Beantown Bedding Founders Kirsten l Joan r

Meet The Boston Founders Trying To Take The Hospitality Industry Laundry-Free With Biodegradable Bed Sheets

By Evelyn Fiske When Kirsten Lambert and Joan Ripple each sent their children to college, they had no idea it would spark a startup idea. The duo has designed biodegradable sheets that could be the answer to every college student's laundry pile and the shake up needed in bedding for the hospitality industry.

Beantown Bedding cofounders Kirsten Lambert and Joan Ripple have created biodegradable bed sheets

When cofounders Kirsten Lambert and Joan Ripple each sent their children to college, they realized just how time-consuming washing your bed sheets can be. In fact, they found that most college students didn’t like the hassle and often avoided it. While on the search for disposable sheets, they happened upon a better idea, Beantown Bedding.

Lambert and Ripple created hypoallergenic, biodegradable sheets made from a botanic fiber from eucalyptus called TENCEL, making the disposal process eco-friendly. The sheets can be used for days or weeks and then discarded or composted, in replacement of laundering.

While the Boston-based duo will bring their product to market focusing on college students and the hospitality industry, they eventually will broaden their scope to general consumers. They said the product can benefit, “College kids who are too busy to wash sheets, overnight campers whose moms don’t want those sheets back anyway, travelers who question the cleanliness of hotel sheets, Airbnb hosts who don’t want to do laundry constantly (improve turnover time) and want their guests to know the sheets are brand new just for them (get better reviews); vacation property renters who would like to simply leave all the sheets behind.”

In July they were featured on the nationally televised CNBC show, “Power Pitch” segment where the entrepreneurs pitched to a panel of investors and market experts including Dominic Chu (Markets Reporter for CNBC), Kelly Trumpbour (Investor and Founder of See Jane Invest), Kelly Hoey (Author, Speaker and Investor) and Nir Lieberboim (Managing Partner of DGNL Ventures).

They were named among Women & Wealth Magazine’s 17 Women to Watch in 2017 and the startup’s innovative product has gained national media attention as a selection for the Emmy Awards celebrity gift bags and as favorite items on both “The View” and the “Today Show.” Beantown Bedding is also a 2013 alum of the prestigious MassChallenge accelerator, a 2014 INDA Visionary Award finalist, and a 2016 Babson Breakaway Challenge finalist.

“Beantown Bedding is recognized as an innovator in today’s on demand economy, helping the world live laundry-free with clean new sheets delivered whenever, wherever they’re needed,” Lambert said.

Now located nationwide on,,, and, the company is also planning to expand into the healthcare and emergency management markets. Beantown Bedding also currently has a new bedding product in consumer testing.

The company is also giving back in a charitable way. Each time a subscription is purchased, a sheet set is donated to organizations that make a social impact. As Beantown Bedding continues to grow rapidly, the owners are hoping for potential partnerships with nationally recognized brands.

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