Looking Into My Future: Even A Psychic Sees Me Starting My Own Business

As I continue my journey in startup land, I recently came across an interesting experience with a psychic. She confirms that starting my own business is in the cards.

psychic“Almost any question you ask a psychic can be categorized into one of these three topics: love, money, and health.

I went with money.”

Besides starting my own business and writing for Lioness, I also have a part time job working for a naturopath . Recently we hosted a cozy event called Holiday Joy that featured lots of ways of keeping healthy during the holiday season.

Leading up to the event I came up with a snappy idea of packaging up some of our more popular supplements into what I called the Holiday Survival Kit. It included a supplement for stress, one for digestion, and one to prevent colds. I retailed it for $65. I made three kits and we sold two.

Perhaps as a result of my meager success (66 percent!), our office manager gifted me a short session with our resident psychic who works many of our events. I love psychics and I never pass on the chance to sit with one. I make it a habit to sit and listen when someone wants to talk to me, about me.

We walked to one of the small offices in the back of the building and I found her space to be pretty typical of most psychic’s workspace: a small table draped with a velvet scarf, an essential oil diffuser, dark lighting, and bowls of semi-precious stones.

I sat at my side of the table and she at hers. She asked me what I wanted to know about. I thought she might pick up the deck of cards and start shuffling, but she sat patiently waiting for me to answer. Almost any question you ask a psychic can be categorized into one of these three topics: love, money and health.

I went with money.

She asked about what I did for work and I told her that I was in the midst of starting my own business. She paused for the briefest of moments and when she proceeded, I knew for sure she was talking to my spirit guides, because only my guides would deliver a concise bulleted list!

Here’s what she says they said:

  • The more you network with your peers, the more informed you become.
  • Keep persisting.

Based on those messages, she gave me the following advice, from one entrepreneur to another:

  • When you’re just starting out, your energy is a bit scattered. That’s OK! As you gain confidence, your energy will grow more focused and grounded.
  • When something seems hard, double down and keep going!
  • Join some associations or groups. Networking builds confidence.
  • Talking about the business with others will teach me what services my customers want.

I had the feeling that she was repeating the same small business advice that I had been reading online, and I found myself looking at her skeptically. She pointed to the ceiling and with a shrug of her shoulders said, “This is just what the spirits are telling me.”

Whether the advice was sourced from the spirit world or from the cyber world, it rings true. I do need to get out and talk to my potential customers and I need to build my confidence around the sales pitch. Conveyance aside, it’s advice that I am going to take.


I’m always looking for networking adventures to write about! If you want me to come check out your group or event, email and we’ll get this party started!

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rachel rojasRachel Rojas is a freelance writer out of Springfield, Massachusetts.  She writes  local interest stories for The Westfield News, business articles for Lioness Magazine, and dabbles in short novels in between assignments.  Despite the fact that she loves all things intellectual, she has a soft spot for trashy romance novels and pretty clothes.

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