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Lioness Experts: Lauren Zajac

In this video, Bobbie Carlton, publisher and editor-in-chief of Lioness Magazine, sat down with Lauren Zajac to discuss her role at Workhuman, serving on the boards of two organizations and the lessons she’s learned throughout her career.
  • Lauren Zajac shares details of Workhuman, an employee management platform
  • Workhuman focuses on workplace engagement and creating human connection
  • Zajac speaks on empowering other women in tech and managing your authentic self

Helping employees stay connected with tech

Lauren Zajac is chief legal officer for Workhuman, a multinational tech company with headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts and Dublin, Ireland. Workhuman is a social recognition and performance management platform focused on keeping employees engaged, motivated and feeling valued.

A graduate of Hofstra University School of Law, Zajac, manages all of Workhuman’s legal needs. As a longtime team member, Zajac also participates as a member of C-suite and considers that a bulk of her work. “Most of my days are really being a part the executive team and then I happen to have a legal degree and give counsel,” Zajac says.

As Zajac puts it, “Workhuman is about pioneering the human workplace and encouraging and enabling human connection.” After the COVID-19 pandemic forced many offices to close, Workhuman saw an increase in usage of its platform. Workhuman allows employers to recognize and reward their employees for dealing with the shrinking line between work and home. While forming connections has been part of her work for years, Zajac believes the pandemic brought that to the forefront. “I think we all learned how important being connected is,” Zajac says.

Empowering women

Being a woman in tech with experience in various executive roles, Zajac felt compelled to help others thrive as well. “Something that was already important to me is making sure women in the workplace have a voice and can stake their claim on what the rest of the world has,” Zajac says.

Besides her role in Workhuman, Zajac also sits on the board of Leadermom. This is a professional training organization that aims to empower women to make the most of both their work and home lives. Zajac calls it incredibly exciting and rewarding work and thinks that more should be involved. “Helping my peers and other folks that are in similar roles to mine is truly rewarding,” Zajac says. 

Her passion to help marginalized communities also led her to join the board of The Soul Project. The Soul Project aims to provide a safe space for all women and girls to share, heal, grow and connect. Whether through an ongoing documentary or at a live event or workshop, the organization provides women with the opportunity to realize and celebrate that they are innately worthy, wildly capable and more than enough.

Managing self-doubt

Over the years, Zajac has dealt with her own share of self-doubt but has realized she is more than qualified for her role. “I think as women we undersell ourselves,” says Zajac. She urges women to know their value and to form strong relationships.

“I think one of the best ways to [create relationships] is to just show your authentic self. It’s certainly one of the things that Workhuman has helped me to learn. Authentic relationships really matter in every aspect, certainly in our personal lives, but in work just as much.”

Check out the video with Lauren Zajac to learn more about her career trajectory, women in the workplace and how Workhuman is helping companies keep their employees engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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