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Lean The F*ck Out – Episode 33: Scaling A Business With Entrepreneur Jennifer Masley

Health and wellness entrepreneur Jennifer Masley talks about scaling a business and how her Sip Organic Juice Bar went from her kitchen to a franchise.


This week we talk about what it takes to scale a business with health and wellness entrepreneur Jennifer Masley. Jennifer Masley is founder of Michigan-based Sip Organic Juice Bar and Jenergy Nutritional Food Bar and EiO & THE HIVE, an all organic restaurant in West Nashville. Jennifer shares with us how she started her first business the Jenergy Bar after the 2008 market crash left her then husband’s real estate development business at an overnight loss of $17 million. Her Jenergy bar led to starting Sip Organic Juice Bar which she scaled from her kitchen to a storefront to multiple locations and then began franchising.

Episode highlights:

  • Jennifer’s story – facing financial and family health crisis
  • Embracing an unexpected business
  • How to know when it’s time to scale your business
  • What it takes to scale a business
  • Creating a healthy work culture — particularly in the restaurant industry
  • Happening into franchising a business
  • How to manage multiple businesses
  • The importance of valuing staff and paying a fair wage
  • Self care as an entrepreneur juggling alot of hats

Jennifer Masley

Jennifer Masley - Episode 33: Scaling a BusinessJennifer Masley is a Nashville resident, creator and owner of the successful Michigan based Sip Organic Juice Bar and Jenergy Nutritional Food Bar and the latest success EiO & THE HIVE, an all organic restaurant in West Nashville. Masley is a food entrepreneur and hospitality and health professional.

While Masley is dedicated to raising awareness on sustainability measures, local food systems and food justice, she prioritizes doing so in a way that makes these foods delicious and accessible to everyone. Masley puts a strong emphasis on building, and strengthening relationships with farmers and producers. Masley truly lives by her personal-turned-business motto: “one body*one life.” Utilizing the very best ingredients means that whether a guest at her restaurants or an athlete enjoying the benefits of her energy bar, Masley’s customers have the nutritional tools for a vibrant life and mind.

With a health coach certification from Integrative Nutrition, NYC, as well as a personal trainer certification, Masley truly lives what she eats and breathes, while still finding balance amidst a busy work and social calendar. In 2010, witnessing a growing demand and lack of resources for healthy convenience foods, Masley began producing her delicious Jenergy Bars, along with her signature raw food detox program, from her kitchen. An instant success, the bars and detoxes led to opening her first Sip Organic Juice Bar. Masley brings that same excitement and hospitality to each of her burgeoning health businesses, showing her customers that her healthy foods and products — that taste great and fuel the body down to the cellular level — are the key to sustaining and enjoying the good life.

Every Sunday from 3-4 p.m., Masley hosts Acme Radio’s “The Hive Hour,” an in-depth look at all things Nashville has to offer in local food and wellness. The program’s format includes thought-provoking interviews with local experts and entrepreneurs, and feature such topics as food justice and politics, local farming and sustainability, and overall mental and physical wellness.

Find Jennifer online at:
Twitter @jenmasley

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