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Ladies Who Launch Announces 2023 Small Business Awards

Ladies Who Launch is thrilled to announce 20 women- and nonbinary-owned small businesses will receive $10k grants and six months of education, mentorship and community through the 2023 Launch Program.

Since 2020, Ladies Who Launch has given more than half a million dollars in grants to a total of 60 women- and nonbinary-owned small businesses across 25 states. The selected small businesses will join a growing community of business owners. They have received funding and education through Ladies Who Launch’s free programs and services.

“We’re thrilled to welcome 20 extraordinary women and nonbinary small business owners to the Launch Program to support the growth of their consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses through hands-on education, individual mentorship and crucial funding for their businesses,” Jennifer Warren, Ladies Who Launch’s Executive Director, shared. “We received more than 4,000 applications this year. We look forward to supporting all of these founders in our inclusive, come-as-you-are community to ensure every business owner has access to the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.”

Ladies Who Launch serves both product and service-based businesses. In 2023, the Launch Program cohort will focus on CPG businesses specifically, including apparel, beauty and food and beverage companies. This year’s cohort includes small businesses from 15 states. Of the women and nonbinary entrepreneurs selected for this year’s program, 65 percent are people of color and more than 15 percent are members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Ladies Who Launch Small Business Awards

To learn more about the Launch Program and this year’s grantees, please visit Ladies Who Launch.

The continued success of the Launch Program is made possible with generous support from partners like Ann Taylor, The Home Depot, Amazon and more. Ladies Who Launch relies on philanthropic support to sustain and expand the Launch Program and other resources for small business owners.

About Ladies Who Launch:

Ladies Who Launch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We celebrate, elevate and empower women and non-binary small business owners and entrepreneurs to scale and sustain the businesses of their dreams.

Through free, practical education, funding and networking opportunities, we are creating a close-knit, supportive and inclusive community where small business owners not only survive but thrive.

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