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Is Blogging Dead? 3 Reasons Why It’s More Powerful Than Social Media

Blogging isn't dead – SEO strategist Lauren Taylar defends the practice.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “blogging is dead.” I’m here to tell you that’s not true.

Just like any marketing strategy, blogging takes time to see results. But it’s not worth ditching altogether.

There are a few reasons why you should consider creating a blog for your online business alongside your social media efforts.

Article contributor Lauren Taylar

You own the content on your website

When you post to social media, you lose control over that content. In other words, you’re putting your content on a borrowed platform. But when you add a blog to your website, you have full ownership of it.

This is powerful when you think about how much time and energy business owners put into a social media strategy, especially when it’s taken them years to acquire an audience.

If you don’t utilize any other platform for your content, you might want to consider blogging so that you’re building an audience on a platform that you own.

This brings me to my next point.

Social media can go down at any time

Remember Vine and Periscope? Unfortunately, many people lost entire businesses when those platforms shut down.

As powerful as social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can be, remember they could be gone tomorrow.

You could also get locked out of your content or worse, you could get banned. You have no control over how these platforms operate, or the  glitches that may arise.

I recommend that creating a following on a platform that will exist as long as you want it to, like your website. Unless the internet goes down, your website stays up until you decide to stop paying for it.

Your blog content lasts forever

Unlike social media posts that have a lifespan of a few hours, blog content lives on forever. One post can rank on page one of Google for years, constantly bringing in new leads and sales on autopilot.

Imagine the ripple effect having dozens of blog posts on page one could have on your visibility and profitability. Instead of having to constantly be “on” social media all the time, blogging allows your existing content to work for you 24/7.

The caveat is that you must implement SEO (search engine optimization) into your blog posts to achieve this result. SEO is about incorporating the words and phrases people are typing into the Google search bar into your content. There is much more to SEO, but that is how it works in simple terms.

With these three key aspects in mind, I hope you see that blogging isn’t dead. It’s a strategic form of marketing that is still relevant today. Although social media can be a powerful tool, blogging creates a long-term visibility strategy that allows you to capitalize on old content every single day.

Lauren Taylar is a website designer and SEO strategist. She helps powerhouse coaches and creatives build a highly converting website and create an evergreen lead generation machine so that they can stand out, get seen, and make more sales. After spending two years in the SEO industry servicing billion-dollar global brands, Lauren is passionate about combining the art and science of websites to give her clients a rock solid online presence.

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