Business Rules: 5 Reasons to Rethink Your Business Card

Nicole Krug of Social Light and Monika Jansen of Jansen Communications give you five actionable business tips in only five minutes of your time. They’ve released videos on everything from branding to Bitcoin using their experiences as entrepreneurs. Business Rules partnered with Lioness to share their industry tips with our readers.

Today’s video discusses one of the most important pieces of your professional life: a business card. A set of high-quality business cards is one of the best investments for a small business owner. In the digital age, they can feel outdated and wasteful. At the same time, most business professionals utilize cards for meetings and other networking events, and you should be prepared. They’re even more important for the small business owner. Your card conveys crucial contact information and brands your company from its inception.

Tips for rethinking your business card:

  • Always include your name, contact info, title, logo and a link to your website (if available)
    • Before printing, triple check that these are correct. You don’t want to write in updated info or reprint them entirely!
  • Clearly explain your job and what you do – don’t just list ‘business consulting’
    • If someone is glancing at their business cards, can they figure out your area of expertise?
  • Use a polished design, which could mean reaching out to a professional for assistance
  • Nothing should be pixelated or hard to read
  • Think of your card like a first impression and take it as seriously as any other professional behavior

Krug and Jansen are happy to work with you if you need help designing a card. Find Nicole Krug on Twitter and LinkedIn and Monika Jansen on Twitter and LinkedIn. Keep an eye on our page for more videos or watch the entire Business Rules’ archive on Youtube.

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