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5 Marketing Strategies You Can Use Right Now To Grow Your Business

The thought of marketing your business right now may seem challenging, and nearly impossible. 

I get it. Right now we are in a completely new normal, which involves staying at home. So you may be asking, how can I possibly grow my business right now? 

I struggled with $0 to show for my business for years before I learned one of the most important lessons to date: YOU MUST NOT WAIT FOR YOUR LIFE TO CHANGE YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR OWN LIFE.

You cannot let the current situation put you in the WAITING ZONE. (If I did that, WEX would not exist!) 

I’ve been in the waiting zone before when I was stuck at home for over a year due to my health challenges with my autoimmune disease. I was waiting to get healthy before I thought I could pursue my dreams. 

This is the BIGGEST mistake I see entrepreneurs, coaches, & business owners are making right now. 

Alexa Carlin

One thing I know for sure after running my current business for five years now, and being an entrepreneur for now 11 years, is that the MOST EFFECTIVE way to sell your products and services is by sharing your story. (Knowing how to effectively communicate your message!) 

Hear me out, I positioned myself as a thought-leader and expert in my industry while I was stuck at home in 2014-2015. (This led to the inspiration behind starting WEX in 2016) How did I do it? I started public speaking. (Public speaking on livestreams, in Skype calls, on social media… everywhere possible while I was stuck at home.)

If I can do it, so can you. But you have to act now! 

Here are 5 key strategies I learned on how to grow my business, grow my sales in my business, and position myself as an authority in my industry, all while being stuck at home: 

1. Branding is everything.
How you position yourself online is how people perceive you. It’s your first impression and right now more than ever, you need to make a good one. 

2. Marketing IS public speaking!
Where can you publicly speak right now? Online! You have free platforms like FB live and IG live to start speaking LIVE TO AN AUDIENCE! Use this opportunity to not only grow your social following but to position yourself as an expert on your given topic. (you’ll also be getting great practice during this!) 

3. Pick a niche & go all in on that topic via online content.
What is your key topic you want to be known for? Whatever it is (literally dream BIG), start creating content you can share online via your social networks around that topic. The more value you can offer on that topic now, the more people will see you as an authority on the given topic. (People hire authorities on specific topics to speak at their events.) 

Just because we are all at home right now does not mean you can’t start putting in the work to get your name out there. Craft a killer email pitch and start building those relationships. Two ways to do this- 1) an email to start a conversation just to build a foundational relationship. 2) an email to pitch yourself for an event planned to take place this Fall. (Businesses are still planning for the future, be part of their plans!) 

5. Invest in yourself and perfect your strategy.
The more you can invest in your development using speaking to grow your business and share your message, the more you’ll be set up to reach the level of success you desire. Learn how to actually grow your business via speaking vs just guessing at it. Create that killer strategy. Understand how branding is involved in your success. 

There is SO much you can do right now to grow your business and make a difference in others lives! If you have a message you want to share that you know will impact people’s lives it is your job to deliver it and share it, regardless of circumstance. 

My biggest hope for you is that you don’t get stuck in the waiting zone during this time. Right now, it is time to take ACTION on your dreams. Start with the five-step strategy above. The world needs your message. 

Alexa Carlin is a nationally renowned public speaker, Founder & CEO of Women Empower X (WEX), and Creator of Alexa Founded the Women Empower X in 2016 after noticing a need for a national event to connect like-minded women who are passionate about making a difference in the world.

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