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small wireless speaker 4460x4460 scaled

How To Use Voice-Operated Tech To Boost Productivity

The rise of voice-controlled digital assistants like the Google Home and Amazon Echo provides the tools you need to more effectively manage your workload, become more productive and reclaim more of your time each day.

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By Beth Kotz

Between juggling clients and customers, working through mountains of paperwork and correspondence and trying to carve out a little personal time, life as a female entrepreneur is often hectic and rarely easy. Fortunately, technology can offer a helping hand. The rise of voice-controlled digital assistants like the Google Home and Amazon Echo provides the tools you need to more effectively manage your workload, become more productive and reclaim more of your time each day.

Put an End to Monotony

Whether it’s writing boilerplate text, inputting entries in spreadsheets or anything in between, you probably spend a considerable amount of your time handling monotonous tasks. Well, you can say goodbye to the tedium by streamlining your day with technology. Voice recognition allows you to quickly and effectively dictate text, while the AI brains behind digital assistants provide the tools to script and automate many other repetitive processes.

Get Hands-Free Assistance

Personal assistants have always been popular in the business world, but they don’t make financial sense for many entrepreneurs. Now, digital assistants are capable of handling many of the same tasks – and much more – without the expense or hassle of dealing with a traditional assistant. Whether it’s telling Google Assistant to send an email to a client or asking Alexa to order new supplies, these digital helpers provide a fantastic range of features that can be activated with nothing more than a simple voice command.

Manage Your Schedule

Life as an entrepreneur often means a jam-packed schedule requiring excellent time-management skills. It can be hard to keep track of it all, but a digital assistant makes managing schedules, setting reminders and handling correspondence a breeze. You can even take this tech to the next level by adding a smartwatch to your wardrobe, ensuring that your schedule, reminders and other digital assistant tools are always within arm’s reach.

Give Your Customers a Voice

While smart technologies are tremendously useful to you as an entrepreneur, they can also greatly improve the experience for your customers or clients. By cutting through the monotony, voice-controlled tech allows you to focus more on providing your customers or clients with real value. Voice control is also a great tool for customer-facing processes like customer support, product ordering and more.

Work From Anywhere

With voice-controlled digital assistants, you can stay connected and work anywhere you want, any time you want. Start a conference call from home with the help of Alexa, or dictate an important email while you’re riding in an Uber. You can even make your security more convenient – and affordable – by installing smart security systems at home and at your place of business. With remote video monitoring, you can monitor your wireless cameras from your phone whether you’re at home, on the road or anywhere else.

Teach Your Tech

One of the most powerful features of AI-infused technology is its capacity to learn, and you can use that to your advantage by teaching your technology to better understand your business. If technical terms or acronyms are commonplace in your industry, voice-recognition software can use contextual cues to build an understanding of these terms over time. Your tech can teach you, too, feeding your voice activity and other data into sophisticated analytics tools to provide insights you can use to improve your productivity.

Life as a female entrepreneur is often hectic, but it doesn’t need to be. With voice-controlled technology, you can supercharge your productivity and free up more time to spend on the things that really matter to you.

Beth Kotz is a freelance writer and contributor for numerous home, technology, and personal finance blogs. She graduated with BA in Communications and Media from DePaul University in Chicago, IL, where she continues to live and work.

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