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How To Keep Your Employees Engaged During The Summer Heat

The Dog Days of Summer are here and we’re feeling that heat! This time of year is an easy time for employees to lose focus. From exhaustion from the heat and tossing and turning at night, to not staying hydrating – there are many reasons for employees to feel a little bit sluggish.

Here are some tips from the ChicExecs team to keep employees engaged as cooler days of Fall approaches.

Food truck surprise

The number of GIFs that filled our Slack channel when the announcement was made that food trucks were coming two hot afternoons was enough to make the software crash (okay, not really). The team was ecstatic and re-energized by having an acai bowl food truck surprise one day, and a cold brew, ice cream, and iced tea truck the next week.

By providing employees with a special treat, they’re not only happy to be acknowledged and rewarded but also get a nice boost of energy from an afternoon crash.

Schedule some team bonding events

A little fun never hurt anybody! Get the team out for some special bonding time. From painting parties to a day at the horse races and more, there are endless opportunities to get your team reinvigorated to continue out the rest of the summer strong.

It is also a great time to connect with the team about goals moving forward based on employee feedback. Try to keep it light-hearted though. The main purpose is to recharge everyone’s batteries with a few hours outside the typical workday.

Flex Fridays

Flex Fridays are a great way to encourage flexibility during the rest of the summer. With the many technological advances, there should be no problem with staying in communication with the team but letting them work from home on Fridays.

They will love being able to cancel out the commute time and use that extra time to enjoy some fun in the sun instead. Monday will come around with a motivated and engaged workforce.

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