Mothers Room Kitchen scaled
Mothers Room Kitchen scaled
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alliantgroup Opens New Mother’s Rooms In Houston Headquarters

HOUSTON — alliantgroup is proud to announce the opening of two new mother’s rooms on the fifteenth floor of the firm’s headquarters in Houston. The new rooms will provide a private and tranquil place for new mothers working at the firm to continue providing for their babies long after they have completed their maternal leave and returned to the company. The new space represents another step in further reinforcing the firm’s inclusive and supportive office culture.

“We are so lucky that we are able to support our professionals as they embark on the exciting life events of becoming parents — most for the very first time. Over 65 percent of alliantgroup’s employees are women and the number of new mothers has increased and will continue to rise as our firm continues its exponential growth,” said alliantgroup Director of Talent Kim Tardy. “Our management team’s number one priority has always been to ensure our professionals have the support they need to pursue their careers as well as enhance their personal lives.”

The two mother’s rooms feature private spaces for mothers to pump. Each private space is equipped with private locks, ergonomically supportive chairs, support pillows, Bluetooth speakers and more.

The shared space between the rooms is furnished with refrigerators, storage space for each mother and a full-service cleaning station. The space is fully stocked with any and all specialty supplies and beverages that a nursing mother may want or need. The rooms are accessible to working mothers at all times and two more additional rooms are currently under construction.

alliantgroup’s Office Manager, Heather Mendez, carefully designed the mother’s rooms and is currently managing the construction of the two additional spaces, which will be ready for use by Aug. 13.

“As a working mom who nursed my children for over 15 months, I understand how valuable it is to work for a firm that supports your ability to balance a productive work life while doing what’s best for your baby,” said Mendez. “We have customized the space with attention to detail to ensure the rooms are conducive to a relaxing atmosphere—one that gives the mother peace of mind in knowing that she is able to fulfill her needs as well as those of her newborn.”

As an added benefit for new mothers working at the firm, alliantgroup’s Wellness Director Melanie Baxter, MS meets with each new mother to design a customized nutrition plan that is supportive of their dietary needs. The firm also offers yoga and other fitness classes to support a new mother’s emotional, mental and physical wellness.

“Making sure our professionals are taken care of and are strong in mind and strong in body is a huge part of our firm’s culture,” said Baxter. “With so many new mothers now at our office, it is vital to the future of our company to ensure they are getting the support they might need.”

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