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How Remote Work Benefits Female Entrepreneurs

According to a recent survey, 68 percent of women prefer working remotely compared to 57 percent of men. Women who run their own businesses often benefit from the increase in virtual opportunities over the last few years. To dive deeper into the ways remote work especially benefits female entrepreneurs, we asked them to share how operating virtually works for them and their businesses. Below are some of the top reasons female entrepreneurs love remote work. 

Freedom and flexibility allow for creativity 

Karla Margeson, Head of Content at Wheels Up Collective, commuted to a traditional nine-to-five corporate job for years. She didn’t like it. “Corporate America hired passionate creatives and hamstrung them. Then they wondered why marketing content ideas weren’t fresh, energized and cutting-edge.”  

Margeson loves the dispersed workforce model as a leader in a creative field. She believes that her business improved when her employees were able to work on individualized schedules. As she puts it, “A lead sales manager firing on all cylinders first thing in the morning from an apartment she loves? A designer brainstorming during a quiet evening? When we live in tune with our natural states of being, it’s just true that everyone benefits from that energy.”  

Similarly, Jessica Dennehy started Pivot & Slay after leaving her Wall Street career to work on her own terms. “As an entrepreneur, I am hyper-aware of how valuable my time is,” she says. Dennehy tailors her schedule to how she works most effectively. “I schedule meetings, front load my day so that I have more freedom in the afternoon.”  

Entrepreneurs especially understand that time is money. Working virtually gives you more freedom to spend it however (and whenever) you want. 

Remote work saves costs 

Speaking of time and money, skipping the commute and working in your pajamas is not only convenient but cost-effective. Saving on gas, office space and childcare keeps more money in your pocket for other things.  

“As a digital business selling a service rather than a product, opting for the remote workspace was a no-brainer. Ditching the office cut our operational costs significantly,” says Amy Bos, Co-Founder of Mediumchat Group. “Understanding that our team is the driving force of our business, we channeled much of the savings into talent retention and acquisition.” 

More time with children and families  

Increased flexibility especially benefits busy parents balancing a career and taking care of a family—a responsibility which most often falls to women. Upwards of 75 percent of caregivers in the United States are female. With remote options, working parents can save on childcare and spend more time with their kids. One mom explains, “I can schedule meetings when I need them and go to events at my daughter’s school. I can work in the parking lot of her school if need be.” She also appreciates that virtual meetings reduce scheduling conflicts, allowing her to meet with more clients.  

When school and work went online during the pandemic, families spent more time together than they might have ever imagined. Lillian Jackson, Co-Founder of Brown Skin Brunchin, was able to grow closer to her family when her business went remote. “Being home during COVID made many of us realize that we never had the opportunity to be 100 percent present in our children’s lives,” she says. “Gone are the days that I have to call in from work to pick up a sick child or ask for time off to attend their awards show.”  

Having the freedom to work and take care of a family at the same time doesn’t mean it’s easy. Women are often expected to do it all: work full-time, manage the household, take care of the kids, spend time with their partners, maintain a social life and somehow take care of themselves on top of everything else. Remote work presents a chance for some flexibility in that hectic hustle.  

Unlimited opportunities for collaboration 

The growth of virtual communication makes it easier than ever to connect with anyone anywhere, anytime. Alesha Brown’s business, Fruition Publishing Concierge Services, has always been remote. She says, “I have staff members and service providers who are all over the world. A virtual work environment is ideal.”  

Additionally, the ability to expand your talent search globally allows you to find the right person for the job. This in turn saves you time and energy in the long run. Remote flexibility is a gamechanger not only for finding employees but also clients. As Bridget Grimes, Founder of Wealth Choice, a female-owned wealth management service, explains, “Now, prospective clients are comfortable working with a financial planner regardless of location. This was the boon of my practice. I have had far more referrals than ever for busy women all over the country since the pandemic.”  

Stephanie Venn-Watson, CEO of Fatty15 and self-proclaimed cheerleader of remote work, loves how remote connection allows her to expand her partnerships and client base. “Technology empowers businesses to break through geographical constraints,” she says. Unprecedented levels of connection and collaboration since the pandemic allow businesses, especially small businesses, to grow globally. 

Balance and mental health 

For busy entrepreneurs especially, maintaining mental health is extremely important and often challenging. Finding time for self-care while managing a business can feel impossible when there are always more emails to answer. However,  not commuting to and from an office can free up time for yourself. Additionally, working from home means that you can take a walk during breaks between zoom meetings or relax in the comfort of your own house. Alesha Brown says, “I love that I can workout at my at-home gym without leaving my home or take meditation breaks throughout the day.”  

Jessica Anvar, Founder of Lemon Law, shares that “working from home has helped me stay in shape. I have time to eat healthy home-cooked meals and extra time for exercise.”  

Whether physical or mental, the flexibility to take moments for yourself throughout the day, even if small, means that you can prioritize yourself more. As a female entrepreneur, you and your wellbeing are central to your business. Allowing for flexibility and supporting our mental health, especially as we all slowly learn to navigate life and work post-pandemic, is vital.  

Interested in learning more about remote working? Check out Corporate Wellness: 5 Tips for Happy and Healthy Remote Work.

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