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GoToInterview CoFounder ReDefines The Interview Process And Has An Award Winning Year

New Orleans startup GoToInterview is giving employers the unique opportunity to streamline the interviewing process. We talk to cofounder Crystal McDonald.

GoToInterview CoFounder ReDefines The Interview Process And Has An Award Winning Year - Lioness MagazineNavigating the job market is never easy. Employers judge and select prospects on the basis of a well-organized resume, but does a single application really encapsulate the applicant? Shouldn’t a face-to-face interview be the true decision-maker?

Crystal McDonald, 34, cofounder and CEO of GoToInterview, has created a streamline hiring process that provides employers the ability to view a candidate’s interview before having to schedule an in-person interview.

The GoToInterview process eliminates the steps of going into a location, filling out the application, and waiting on a response from the employer. Businesses are able to post wanted positions to GoToInterview and receive immediate notifications from future prospects that could be viewed at any time. These videos consist of three to five questions and range from three to four minutes long. They can be completed through a webcam or using a smartphone. Overall, the process saves the time it takes to travel, fill out and review an application and the cost of transportation. Most importantly, it allows unemployed and underemployed users the ability to post interviews to any job listings.

McDonald was recently acknowledged for her unique and well-coordinated business. Previously involved with the fast-food business, McDonald was exposed to the different challenges of hiring. There was no product that reduced the inconveniences of the hiring process while still benefiting applicants, so McDonald created one.

This year alone, 2015 McDonald led GoToInterview to a $100,000 win after pitching at Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest startup competition. This event is one of the largest entrepreneurial events in New Orleans and since this achievement, GoToInterview has expanded and developed as a manifesto for employers and prospective employees.

Tuesday evening, Oct. 6, McDonald was elected as the winner of the Ada Lovelace Woman of the Year in NOLATech award. The award is named in honor of Ada Lovelace, a 19th century mathematician who was the first to develop a set of rules followed in calculations that was carried out by a machine; and for that she is known as the first computer programmer.

McDonald believed that it was long overdue that a woman of New Orleans was recognized for their hard work within the technology industry. New Orleans is currently number two in the nation for the percentage of tech jobs filled by women and McDonald was announced as the first woman in the tech industry in New Orleans to have been recognized for her outstanding efforts.

GoToInterview has benefited the city of New Orleans in many ways. New Orleans is an entertainment city that almost never sleeps. GoToInterview allows employers to find talent quickly and efficiently. All it takes is an idea and a risk to conceive a product that can create a difference in many lives. McDonald took a chance and now she is one of the reasons people have greater opportunities of finding success.



March 28, 2016

GoToInterview is thrilled to announce a full rebrand from GoToInterview to Acrew.

“We’re daring to eliminate the resume altogether,” says Acrew CEO, Crystal McDonald. “I think you can make a better judgment about an employee in 90 seconds of video than you can through a piece of paper. We want to truly change the way people engage and behave in the hourly-wage job market.”

Amanda Lopez is a 21-year-old Western New England University senior from Windsor, Conn. Her major is English and she currently is an intern for Lioness Magazine. 

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