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Go With Your Gut: Then Keep Going

The battle against low self-esteem is one that many of us fight for our entire lives: but we don’t have to. We have the capability to take control of our lives. We can draw on the wisdom and experience of those who have gotten through it. Lauren Dreher, Founder of Forged by Fire, knows this first-hand. She dealt with it and came out stronger; in “Go With Your Gut: Then Keep Going,” Dreher relays her hard-fought revelations.

What is the book about?

Listen to your instincts (or go with your gut!) and take the steps you need to take to be you. In her new book, Lauren Dreher talks about her journey growing up as a young girl with large facial scars, and what that did to her confidence. She always went with the flow. She was without confidence, and she didn’t know what her path was. Eventually, she found herself in a dead-end job, knowing in her gut she was meant for something more. Slowly, she figured out who she wanted to be and what she wanted to do, and for the first time, she didn’t let fear stop her.

Dreher relays all the lessons she’s learned and encourages readers to think for themselves and have confidence in who they are and in who they came to be. Nobody is going to get up and make your dreams happen for you. It’s no one’s path but your own: and while you do need support, no one can get up and start the work to make it happen but you.

The book covers the following topics:

  1. Reprogramming your mind.
  2. Recognizing people pleasing, and what to do about it.
  3. Building and maintaining a support system.
  4. Learning to let criticism slide off your back, and moving forward anyway.

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Women who are stuck in their lives and need a perspective shift. It’s easy to get stuck in the routine and muck of life, and wonder what you’re missing, but to not know what it really is that’s missing.

She shares her struggles to help women take inventory of all areas of their lives, and figure out what they need to change. Her hope is that her experiences and trials are relatable, and get people thinking about where they need to step up and step out. What might that look like for you?

Single most important takeaway:

Only you know who you really are, and you know it in your gut. So listen to it, and then keep going.

lauren dreher
Lauren Dreher, author of “Go With Your Gut: Then Keep Going”

Meet the author

Lauren Dreher is a mindset and leadership speaker. She is a midwestern girl on a mission to make a big impact. After years of self-doubt and low confidence, she decided to do something with her story of growing up with facial scars and how it impacted her. She loves to share her story, her struggles and be the change. After years of letting fear stop her, she decided to bust open her comfort zone and embrace everything about herself. She continues to find herself by exploring her strengths, weaknesses and many quirks. Through her flaws, she has found her tribe. She is a flesh and blood example of how going with your gut will lead you down the right path. Just learn how to listen and have the bravery to follow it. And then, keep going.

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