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FREE WEBINAR: Having Authentic Conversations Online That Truly Connect

Smith College is hosting the free webinar, "Talk Human to Me: Having Authentic Conversations Online That Truly Connect," on April 19 at 12 p.m. (EST).
FREE WEBINAR: Having Authentic Conversations Online That Truly Connect - Lioness Magazine
Tech ethicist David Ryan Polgar

Lioness friend David Ryan Polgar is going to be rocking a webinar for Smith College next week on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 that you should definitely have your social media team and/or communications person watch.

Do they know how to communicate authentically online with your audience? Think about this:

How often do you receive a message where you can’t tell it is automated or authentic? Many of us are becoming bot-like with our online communication, filling emails with an endless stream of platitudes and canned responses. These interactions lack the level of emotion and thought that we expect from human communication. In the process of putting our communication on autopilot, we are devaluing the very purpose of our conversations–to build bonds.

Human-centered communication puts the focus back on injecting our conversations with authenticity, personality, and thoughtfulness. The goal is to maximize the impact of our communication to truly connect with one another. By being more human we can build better relationships.

In this provocative and forward-thinking session you’ll learn:

– Why trying to communicate with too many people online may be counterproductive

– Ways to assess whether your own communication has become “botified”

– Strategies for delegating transactional conversations so you can focus on deeper conversations

– The latest research regarding online communication, and actionable tips to communicate more effectively

– The paradox of online connectedness, and how to move towards more deliberate forms of communication and interaction

– Methods for balancing the quality and quantity of our online communication

You’ll leave this session reflecting upon your own style of communication online and inspired to craft future conversations in a more human-centered fashion. The outcome is having interactions that are more authentic and can truly build lasting bonds.

The Wednesday session will run from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. (EST). REGISTER NOW.

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