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Former ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Falls In Love With Startup, BollyX

ABC's The Bachelor finalist Caila Quinn has found her new love working with startup BollyX, a Bollywood inspired workout that is sweeping the country.
Former 'The Bachelor' Contestant Falls In Love With Startup, BollyX - Lioness Magazine
Caila Quin was a final three contestant on ABC’s The Bachelor. These days she pouring her passion into BollyX as its Marketing Manager.

Transitioning from former final three on ABC’s The Bachelor, contestant Caila Quinn has found her new love working with startup BollyX. Her obsession with this new workout trend started before she went on the show. BollyX is a Bollywood inspired workout that is sweeping the country.

Before starting her journey on The Bachelor, Quinn was working in the software field, which was a job she got right out of college, where she was a marketing major. Because she was constantly involved on campus while in college, Quinn was striving for a work environment that felt like a community.

While looking for a new workout around the Boston area, she stumbled across BollyX at a local gym and fell in love with it.

Quinn remembers that after her first class she “left the room, sweating smiling and wanting more,” which made her continue that type of exercise class for three months before going on the show.

After leaving The Bachelor without finding the love of her life, Quinn decided that she was going to put finding love on the “backburner” and make working her biggest priority. Still craving a sense of community in her work environment, she applied to BollyX, which she is now employed at working as marketing manager, focusing on social media and PR.

“After finding love like that you want to find something as exciting and BollyX I’m as passionate about,” Quinn explained when asked about transitioning back into the work world after The Bachelor.

I wanted to surround myself with mentors that were good people that would want to invest me. The special thing about startups is everybody has to be on their A game and you get to wear a lot of hats and learn about running an entire company.” Quinn said. “I wanted to join a startup because when I interviewed with the CEO, I saw her passion and it made me passionate. I wanted to surround myself with intelligent people who wanted to invest in me. I found the perfect fit with BollyX.”

Using moves from Bollywood, BollyX dance class type workouts will have you burning from 500-800 calories per class. Entrepreneur Minal Mehta cofounded this a few years ago with Shahil Patel, who was in the finals of “America’s Got Talent” with his Bollywood dance troupe.

Mehta started this company when she realized that her passion for Bollywood was something that she could share with everyone. Partnering up with Patel, they started their first few classes in Boston, MA in 2013. Before even going to investors, Mehta and Patel bootstrapped the entire company with the help of their families. In just a few short months, the company was spread out across the state, and just recently launched in Canada. They currently in the midst of a round of fundraising.

The inspiration behind BollyX is to not only get people in shape, but to also help them to feel empowered, which is something that is extremely important to Mehta.

“I think that that is a prerequisite for working with BollyX, feeling empowered and inspiring others to feel empowered,” Mehta explained, adding, “That self-confidence and unleashing it is so important. Women are definitely as capable as men. It’s about switching the attitude and be bold and know that you can do it.”

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