Fab five must haves for the entrepreneur on-the-go

As women, we’ve learned to prepare for any and everything. Check out Lioness’s fab five must haves for any female entrepreneur on-the-go.

Five fab must haves for the entrepreneur on-the-go - Lioness MagazineAs women, we’ve learned to prepare for any and everything. Whether that preparation is getting the kids ready for school or ourselves ready for a fabulous weekend getaway, preparation is an art form that women have undoubtedly mastered. Just think back to all the times you’ve packed several outfits for an over night trip. While some may look at this as overkill, you’re packing skills are actually quite calculated. Packing options in your suitcase means that you are prepared for any type of weather as well as any type of event, causal or formal.

When it comes to packing your briefcase, the same rules apply and your ultimate goal should always remain fixed. To maximize your chances at career success you must be prepared for anything and your briefcase should reflect this same philosophy.

To help you along your way check out Lioness’s fab five must haves for any female entrepreneur on-the-go…

  1. Business Cards – They are literally your calling card and you should never be with out them. Whether you’re at the gym, grocery story or business event, your business cards should always be readily available, because you never know whom you’ll run into that may be in need of your professional services. In our technology driven society we can easily lock a potential client’s information into our cell phones, but doing so lacks professionalism and can be a red flag to business prospects. Having a business card shows that you mean business, so what ever you do, don’t leave home with out them!2
  2. Emergency Toiletries Kit – According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, which is why having an emergency toiletries kit in your arsenal is always a safe bet. Be sure to include breathe mints, a compact mirror, needle and thread, deodorant and sanitary products in your ETK, because accidents are bound to happen, but the successful entrepreneur anticipates potential mishaps and is therefore able to easily address them.
  3. Smart Phone – It doesn’t have to be the most expensive brand on the market, but it should allow you the opportunity to get online as well as take notes, navigate you to and from unfamiliar destinations and of course make phone calls. In this day and age, Internet access is essential and if you find yourself waiting to check emails because your phone is unable to do so, then it’s seriously time for an upgrade.
  4. Healthy Food – Nothing spells awkward like competing for your client’s attention with the rumbling of your own unfed belly. Growling stomachs are distracting and there is no reason to go hungry unless you are after the sympathy vote – which we don’t recommend! You want your client’s praise, not pity, so be sure to pack something light that you can eat on the go. We suggest a granola bar, trail mix or some other healthy alternative, because when you’re hungry you’re not thinking clearly and if your mind is cloudy there is no way that you will be able to effectively articulate.
  5. Flash Drive – These tiny storage drives are unbelievably inexpensive but their benefits are priceless. Flash drives enable you to carry an immense amount of information literally in the palm of your hand. These drives allow you to back up important files, save settings for particular programs as well as share projects with clients. Now instead of carrying a laptop, you can simply save the project to a flash drive, bring that drive along to a meeting and share with clients. It’s technology at its finest! Flash drives are an essential part of your professional repertoire and you should never be without one.

Remember ladies, preparation is the key to your success, so before you step out the door in your power suit make sure that your briefcase is packed to attack!



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