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Finimpact Offers Grants of Up to $17,500 to Women-Owned Businesses, a free service that offers small business owners a simple and easy avenue to acquire the business funding they need, announced today that it will launch a women’s empowerment business grant. helps small business owners succeed and is proud to be launching the Finimpact Embracing Equity Women’s Empowerment Business Grant. With up to $17,500 in funding available for women-owned small businesses, this grant is a great opportunity for female entrepreneurs to bring their business aspirations to life.

How will the Finimpact grant provide economic relief?

The opportunity offers up to $17,500 in grants to women-owned U.S. small businesses to help bring their aspirations to fruition.

“It takes a tremendous amount of guts, enthusiasm, and money to run a small business no matter who you are. It’s a tough profession in many ways, and women face challenges that make it even harder, especially equity challenges regarding raising capital, while also managing families and supporting the American economy…” said Gil Farkash, Head of Growth of Finimpact.

“We decided to offer these grants which will directly help women realize their dreams by giving a financial boost and hopefully take their businesses to the next level.”

Who can apply?

Women-owned, U.S.-based, small businesses that have been operating for at least six months and have less than ninety-nine employees can apply for the Finimpact Women’s Empowerment Business Grant.

Participants must write what their business does and state how they plan to use the prize money. Once they have submitted their application, they will receive a unique voting link. They then will have to write social media posts about a specific business challenge they faced and overcame, tag Finimpact, and request their followers to vote for their business on the Finimpact website.

The contest period opened on March 8 and will run until April 30, 2023 and the winners will be announced on June 1, 2023.


Finimpact empowers small business owners by providing superior funding options, opportunities to lower their costs and save time. also provides a vast array of informational publications on small business know-how so that everyday individuals may acquire the ability to leverage the financial mechanism to their advantage. Contact: Gal Oved Email:

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