What It Feels Like To Achieve Your Dream

What does it really feel like to finally achieve your dream? Klara Sotonova of Klara's Gourmet Cookies in Lee, Mass. gives us her perspective.

What does it feel like to “make it?” If you’ve ever listened to a talk about the Law of Attraction and what it means to bring something to fruition, they talk about living as if you’ve already reached your goal. But what does it really feel like to finally get where you’ve been heading?

We reached out to Klara Sotonova and asked her to give us some perspective.

What It Feels Like To Achieve Your Dream - Lioness MagazineName: Klara Sotonova

Company: Klara’s Gourmet Cookies, LLC

Title: Co-Owner

I am living my dream and it feels: like an adventure. Everyday changes in a moment notice. You plan out your day/week and you constantly have to adjust and tweak it. Keeps me on my toes.

The best thing about seeing my dreams come to fruition is: sharing my family’s recipes, a piece of my life – what I grew up with. It’s nostalgic and has sentimental value to me. To see our customers enjoy our family recipes is always rewarding.

One thing that kept me in hot pursuit of my dream was: how proud my family was and is. Especially my Great Grandfather who came from a poor family but through will, hard work, dedication and strong business spirit became a successful farmer. He also taught me that anything is possible, you just have to set your heart to it and not give up. Success comes from failure.

If anyone had ever told me this about success, I wouldn’t have believed them: Having your own business is an everyday high stake gambling with your money.

My advice to women entrepreneurs: is to run your business, don’t let it run you. Find balance between work and personal life.

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