Leung Twins
Leung Twins

Fashion Startup Founders To Watch: Meet The Leung Twins

The Leung Twins, Emily and Jessica, were tired of suffering from “shoe hangovers” as a result of wearing trendy stilettos. Here's what they did.

Entrepreneur Siblings Find the Cure to “Shoe Hangovers” by Mixing Style and Comfort

Fashion Startup Founders To Watch: Meet The Leung Twins - Lioness MagazineOften known as the Leung Twins, Emily and Jessica were tired of suffering from “shoe hangovers” as a result of wearing trendy stilettos that gave them excruciating pain after short amounts of time. This inspired them to create shoes that were original, comfortable and filled with personality.

Fast forward to present day and the Leung Twins have flawlessly executed style and comfort through their vintage-inspired shoe company, Hey Lady. Recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Emily and Jessica have proven to be a powerful duo that lives by the phrase, “Everything with a sense of style and humor.”

Hey Lady debuted online in the spring of 2009 and grew by word-of-mouth. As of today, the company has shipped to over 30 countries from the United Arab Emirates to New Zealand, providing an accessible luxury with lasting comfort to brides, bridesmaids, MOBs, and dancing queens worldwide.

However, the road to success was filled with difficult moments that were overcome with a will to live and strong faith. In 2012, Jessica was diagnosed with sperminal schmancer (A.K.A. terminal cancer) with 0% survival rate. It was a defining moment for her – but, instead of letting it defeat her, she bounced back and was declared a dancing “medical miracle.”

At one of their lowest moments, the twins were able to gather themselves and accomplish the unthinkable. After literally being recorded into medical books for becoming a “walking miracle,” Jessica and Emily were ready to close that dark chapter and move forward, stronger, better and faster.

They shifted their focus back to making shoes with beauty, brains, personality, but most importantly, heart. With Hey Lady, their mission was and is to provide customers with one-of-a-kind, everyday glamour accessories that can’t be found elsewhere.

Now, they have launched their new website with a custom app for real-time direct donations. Every shoe by default directly supports a different cause, with the option of choosing from a list of a dozen trusted non-profit organizations.

“Everything we do with our charity work is going to be either cancer research or empowering women and children. Being given a miracle, we have the responsibility to raise awareness and shine a light on causes through Hey Lady. But, we couldn’t stop at rare cancer research – we want to do anything that uplifts people,” said Emily and Jessica.

Hey Lady supports many non-profits through fundraising events and partnerships that raise awareness for charities near and dear to them. Hey Lady has released a real-time donation app that gives charities an $8 donation the second a Hey Lady shoe is purchased from shopheylady.com. This transparency and real-time application adds for the quickest impact. Over a dozen non-profit organizations have benefited from Hey Lady shoes to date.

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