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12 Startup Style Looks For Every Occasion

You may be in meetings as CEO one minute and lugging boxes from the warehouse the next. Here are 12 startup style, must-have looks to add to your rotation.

With the changes of the season, comes the transition of our wardrobe and as entrepreneurs our clothes vary depending on what role we’re filling that day. You may be out in back to back meetings as the CEO this afternoon and tomorrow you could be lugging boxes from the warehouse. No matter the occasion, we’ve crafted 10 startup style looks to cover your bases. Here are 12 must-have looks to add to your fall 2016 rotation.

The Ankle Boot


Every woman should have a kickbutt pair of ankle boots for the fall. Rock it with slim fit jeans for a hip, relaxed look that still allows you to appear put together. Snagging one with a thicker heel will support you should your busy schedule require some walking mileage or your tootsies some comfort. photo courtesy of 

The Oversized Sweater


The oversized sweater is getting a spin this year. Sweater dresses are the go-to closet pieces for comfy clothes during the week that you can easily dress up or down. To dress up: add tights and heels. To keep it casual: pair with rugged knee-high boots and thick socks. photo and look courtesy of

The Perfect Jacket


Go from your coworking space to date night by shrugging on a fierce jacket. It’s all about the fit. Cropped leather jackets can be flattering on all frames and ones that flair out at the waist, like the one above, provide protection for those of us with a little extra in the midsection. photo courtesy of pinterest

The Classic Hoodie


Dressing down in startup land no longer has to be drab sweatsuits. Update the classic hoodie look by adding some texture and interesting design tweaks like this fab hoodie by The diagonal zip up front and military style feel brings an interesting and stylish spin to weekend wear. photo courtesy of

The Cape


Forget the standard blazer and get yourself a cape. Same idea as your cute blazer, but way more cool and sassy. Bonus: there are some capes that you can rock as a winter coat. They’re thicker, longer and many come with a hood. Superheros aren’t the only ones who get to have all of the fun. photo and look courtesy of fabfourfashion

The High-Waisted Slacks


A good, high-waisted pair of slacks with a flat front can be a sexy and dashing piece to add to your wardrobe. Don’t hesitate to have the length tailored if needed. Curvy and plus-size women can pull of the look as well, but it’s extremely important to pay attention to fabric and fit. Anything too tight or that causes front pockets to bulge is a no-no. A flattering undergarment will help keep the look smooth. photo courtesy of

The Romantic Colorwheel


Summer and its bright colors are fading. Fall brings a sense of romance and it is a wonderful time to experiment with earth tones. Pull out the cranberries, rustic browns, charcoal greys and forest greens. If you’re a gal who likes to experiment with hair color, rich chocolates and auburns make locks look luscious this time of year. photo and look courtesy of

The Blueprint


Get crazy and bold about print. Nothing says go-getter and confidence like a look-at-me staple item. If it’s a dress, belt it for some structure. For slacks, offset its fierceness with a simple, solid-colored top. When you’re clothes are loud, like this fabulous African print, add minimal makeup and accessories to keep from looking over the top. photo courtesy of

The Men’s Look


The men’s wear look continues to evolve and we love where it’s headed for 2016. Ditch the oversized blyfriend jeans and switch to cuffed, straight-legged slacks. Wearing your guy’s favorite shirt with one of your favorite necklaces is a surefire way to feminize the boxy look. Trade in your sandals for a flashy pair of Oxford shoes. A thin sweater adds a layer of warmth. Our plus size Lionesses should make sure that the button up shirt fits properly and that your cardigan is light-weight. You don’t want to add bulk. photo and look courtesy of

The Mad Hatter


Swap that straw hat for a heavier brim. Play with a variety of hats for cooler weather and up the ante on any weekday outfit. From floppy hats to fedoras and beanies, your head piece can be your greatest accessory. Wear your hair down or rock a funky, side braid or pigtails for an additional dose of awesomeness. photo and look courtesy of

The Bag Lady


As far as we’re concerned, the colder it gets, the bigger the bag! I mean, we need somewhere to put our gloves, chapstick and all the hand lotion we need to fight Mother Nature this season. But when it comes to bags this fall, it’s all about shape and details. Search out the interesting and the distinct. Box shaped, rectangles, chain links or suede – attention to detail will make your purse a mobile work of art. photo courtesy of pinterest

Metal Maven


Delicate and subtle pieces of jewelry made their way into the fall fashion shows and we can already see women on the street following suit. Instead of gaudy pieces, we’re seeing gold and gold-plated bracelets and fine necklaces make a comeback. Layer on a few pieces with an eye-catching watch, like this, or try a thin, long gold necklace with your favorite turtleneck. photo courtesy of pinterest

What are some pieces that you’re adding to your closet for Fall 2016? Tell us in the comment section. Happy Shopping!

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