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Enroll in Success: Ace the Entrepreneurial Semester with a New Routine

As the back-to-school buzz fills the air, it’s time for much more than stocking up on school supplies. Just like deep cleaning in spring, the beginning of Fall is the perfect time to shake up your daily habits. Let’s breathe some fresh air into your business with a new routine! Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

Carve out time for creativity

Amid the hustle and bustle, creative aspects of your work often fall by the wayside. Who has time for any of that? Well, you need to make time! Take a look at your schedule and allocate focused blocks for innovation. Check out trending topics and new ideas, spend 20 minutes brainstorming or start a creative side project that has nothing to do with your business.

Fuel your workday

Need a lunchtime boost? Try experimenting with new recipes. Whether it’s a homemade sushi roll or a fancy salad, this can add a dash of excitement to your workday. If you’re worried about prep time, you can try batch recipes or simplified options that still taste delicious.

Out-of-the-box connections

Expand your networking horizons beyond your comfort zone. Instead of the familiar conference circuit, consider attending virtual meetups on Eventbrite or Meetup, joining online forums or talking on LinkedIn with professionals outside of your industry. Broadening your network brings in fresh perspectives and unexpected opportunities.

Learning lunch breaks

It’s easy to waste away your lunch break mindlessly scrolling on social media. Instead, dedicate part of your time to education. If you don’t have enough time to crack open a book, try listening to a business podcast or taking an online course. Likewise, the vast realm of webinar recordings and YouTube videos seems virtually endless. (Just as an example, my personal “watch later” list boasts a staggering 4,997 items!)

Anyone can be an artist!

Or, well, anyone can practice art. Try mind-mapping concepts and doodling if you’re brainstorming or generating ideas during a meeting. In fact, drawing can make it easier to follow conversations and retain critical information. An artistic routine might become your secret problem-solving solution.

Reverse rush hour

Try flipping your routine by tackling your most demanding tasks during “after-hours.” The calm of the evening can be surprisingly conducive to focused work. Some people are naturally attuned to a later schedule, and you may find yourself fitting in perfectly with this new routine.

Focus on fitness

We all know how exercise lowers stress, improves mental clarity and prevents potential disease. But if you’re working from home, how are you supposed to make time for 10,000 steps? You don’t have to drop everything—try standing or walking meetings to promote fitness and creativity. If you can, try to set aside time for a midway workout session or a quick walk outside. This doesn’t have to be extensive: if I’m under a time crunch, I’ll take a five-minute walk or a few laps around the house. Even those small breaks make a huge difference in boosting my mood and avoiding an achy back.

For more tips on balancing work, life and exercise, read Fitness: The Entrepreneur’s Secret Strategy for Success.

Power up your playlist

Vibing to the right music is the perfect way to liven up the workday. Why not try expanding your horizons? Listen to a genre or artist that’s outside of your usual tastes. From the energizing beats of electronic dance music to the soothing melodies of acoustic folk, this musical routine isn’t just background noise—it’s a dynamic companion to your work.

Become a global entrepreneur

Interested in learning a new language? Beyond helping you communicate, it also keeps you sharp and focused. Plenty of language apps break up lessons into short, bite-sized sessions that you can fit in between meetings and other tasks.

A space for reflection

Wrap up each day with a moment of contemplation. Think about your accomplishments, places for improvement and intentions for the next day. You can try writing these out in a journal or simply think it over before bedtime. There are plenty of apps and software for digital reflection, too—if you want to practice gratitude and celebrate your wins, Three Good Things is my pick for how easy it is to use.

When thinking about your new routine, remember that it’s about quality over quantity. If you try to incorporate dozens of changes at once, you’ll never keep up! Instead, work in small adjustments to pave the way for growth down the road. So, get ready to enroll in success, make the most of your upgraded workday and graduate to a whole new level of accomplishment!

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