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Embracing New Beginnings in 2024

The new year brings feelings of anticipation and the hope of new beginnings. In the world of entrepreneurship, these Innovation Women members have carved their own paths, demonstrating persistence, resilience and determination. We can draw inspiration and insights from them as we all take our first steps into the new year. Say yes to embracing change and new opportunities.

Creating a future from passion 

Ambika Devi showcases the power of passion, sharing, “I’ve been in business for myself since teaching horseback riding when I was 14.”

From a young age, she embraced entrepreneurship. Evolving over the years, Devi transitioned from working with a publisher to establishing her publishing label, leading to six published books and 10 writing awards. Devi was recently recognized as the Most Inspirational Workplace Communications Specialist of 2023. She embodied the spirit of creating her own path, reminding us that it is never too late to pursue our dreams.

Even in her 60s, she’s not slowing down. “Speaking continues to be a passion and I have a seventh book on the way!”

Her story, coupled with her words, illustrates that there is always space for new beginnings.

Creating your dream job 

Laura Gmeinder Mattek encourages us to stay proactive when creating our destinies. She says, “I kept looking for my dream job, and when I couldn’t find it, I knew I had to create it!”

Her words serve as a reminder that it may be up to us to create the perfect opportunity for ourselves. As the new year begins, it is important to channel this mindset into our daily lives and take the first steps in pursuing our dreams. 

Exploring purposeful pathways 

When you are facing new beginnings, more often than not, you will be met with unfamiliarity. Tosca DiMatteo stresses the importance of exploring uncharted territories, stating, “I wanted to see what other possible pathways there were for pursuing my purpose.”

Consider Tosca’s words along your journey into the new year. Keep an open mind and discover what may lie ahead in creating your own pathway that aligns with your purpose. 

Entrepreneurship has no age limit 

Paulette Jackson’s story highlights the idea that entrepreneurship knows no age limit. She shared her entrepreneurial mindset from a young age to creating her own brand. Now at, 55, she reflects on her journey, saying, “The road has been and will be challenging but I must continue to build upon what I’ve already achieved.”

She’s asked herself ‘Is it too late?’ — then hears stories from other entrepreneurs who started much later and are thriving. She says, “As long as I have breath in my body and a spring in my step, I’ll keep going!”

With this, remember it is never too late to pursue your dreams. 

Embarking on the new year

In the words of these inspirational women, we can draw inspiration and insights as we all take our first steps into the new year, embracing it as a fresh canvas to follow our passions and achieve our goals. Each journey may be unique, but we can all use this opportunity to create our path forward. 

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