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Dream Catchers turning imagination into reality

Since the New Year broke, we have been featuring intelligent, driven, and very inspirational women from all walks of life. Their creative minds, heartfelt dreams, and will to create lasting legacies are truly motivation to women such as myself. I’ll ask you to keep pressing forth with me during our walks to become a “Dream Catcher In Heels.”
dream catchers turn dreams into reality - Lioness Magazine
Aliyah Cherrisse

The influence we have on this world is never ending. It’s not until we tap into our inner being and grab hold of the inspiration placed in our hearts that we’re able to watch our dreams blossom. Since the New Year broke, we have been featuring intelligent, driven, and very inspirational women from all walks of life. Their creative minds, heartfelt dreams, and will to create lasting legacies are truly motivation to women such as myself. I’ll ask you to keep pressing forth with me during our walks to become a “Dream Catcher In Heels.”

“Dream Catchers In Heels,” came about when I decided to take the Stiletto Statement, in a different direction. I wanted to keep the idea of inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging women to love, believe, and have confidence in themselves enough to be great in this lifetime. What better way to motivate than to read the stories of like-minded women who have overcome many mountains of adversity.

“Anybody that has ever done anything great, had to face adversity, but still did it anyway,” according to Bishop T.D. Jakes. That quote is so true, don’t you think? How many people do you know with great success stories, without great testimonies? Who do you know that has gone down in history with a load of integrity, with the respect of nations, and pieces of them that will live with us forever without great triumph? My point is, we can do whatever we put our minds to and leave our mark to let the world know that we were here! Recall Maya Angelou, actress Ruby Dee, or Coretta Scott King? All of these women stood their own ground and gave us a bit of a blue print to emulate.

Ladies, we are born innovators, nurtures, dreamers and life changers. That dream deferred is just that; because remember, timing is everything.

The women that we have featured, including Vivian Billings, Tracy G and Cassandra Smith are all self-made innovators whose stories are still being written but their lives are already influencing others. Cassandra makes women feel great about themselves through her designs. Providing full-figured women with clothing that wouldn’t normally be created in their size, allows her to help the fuller-figured woman feel beautiful, stylish, and trendy just like the next woman. Boosting a woman’s confidence by making them look good so that they feel good is the start on a journey for a new female innovator.

Tracy G and Vivian are great examples of getting started and becoming successful in the telecommunications industry. Radio is a very hard lane to enter because it’s dominated by men, but these two ladies give hope to all of those female telecommunications and broadcast journalism majors out there. These two women are respected, growing rapidly as house hold names, and they remain humble in their journeys. Showing that they can climb that entertainment ladder with their integrity intact is a great example to follow.

There are many of us who experience some of life’s toughest storms and we use them to encourage others who may have encountered the same struggles. Take Genese Valentine, the CEO of the nonprofit organization Color of Teal Inc. She lost her mother to ovarian cancer. Although it was a devastating time, she took the loss of her mother as an opportunity to help save the lives of other women by creating Color Of Teal Inc., as a resource for women who were unaware of gynecological cancers and the rapid growth of lives it was taking. Spreading awareness and providing resources help many women including myself to stay in control of our health and encourage others to be the same. Thanks to Color of Teal, I have become an advocate to spreading awareness to this deadly cancer that could have taken my life as well, but early detection saved me at a young age.

Sa’Rah Davis is another one of our “Dream Catchers” and someone who helps transform the lives of women daily. As a salon owner and an active member of her community, Sa’Rah is truly making her mark. Building on her empire daily, she gives a platform for fashion to meet beauty through her annual production, one that coordinates all size models, children, men, and women all on one runway. Something that is not done often, Sa’Rah has already set herself apart from other beauticians in a major way.

We also featured De’Hollie Wood, founder of Abnormal Ariginals. She is truly a young mogul in the making. Taking strides towards accomplishing every goal she puts her mind to, De’Hollie has already made herself a self-made entrepreneur. With her own PR firm, original T-shirt line and branding expertise, De’Hollie has set a bar for young ladies coming after her. Continuously challenging yourself so that you can grow is what De’Hollie lives by. She’s another one climbing the ladder with integrity and one who will be respected by all of those she has encountered.

So with that in mind ladies, I pray you all are inspired. I get the pleasure of interviewing these beautiful women and as I go over their responses I get more inspired to keep pressing forth to the mark of victory. Turning dreams into reality will be no walk in the park. It will not be a smooth, straight road but I want you all to trust the process, not your pain. Stay true to yourself, work and move with integrity, and operate with no doubt in your heart! What is meant to be will be, believe that.

Signing Off—Aliyah Cherrisse

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Aliyah Cherrisse

Aliyah Cherrisse, born and raised in Atlantic City, N.J., has grown to be a very educated, vibrant and driven intellectual. As a graduate of Morgan State University, with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Marketing, Aliyah Has put her studies to use in branding herself as the “Multimedia Personality” she is to-date. Currently pursuing her love of entertainment, Aliyah is known for her titles of “Fashion Show Production Assistant, Radio/TV Personality, Curvy/Full-Figured Model, Red Carpet Correspondent, Host and Blogger” but let’s not forget to mention: this is all while being a single mother! With no intentions on slowing down, Aliyah anticipates what God has awaiting ahead for her.

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